Sunday, May 19, 2013


When may comes every year, our town/parish celebrates the fiesta. However, of all the celebrations that comes every year, this one is the most un-appealing to me.
We have stopped inviting over guests to our house for lunch/dinner during this day, ever-since ages ago. And the event is somewhat boring and as what I said earlier, routinary.
In fairness also, when I was younger I enjoyed this celebration. I can see that a lot of the younger ones would enjoy this event. There are a lot of programmes, pre-day activities as well as on the day activities that the younger ones would surely appreciate.
One thing I do look forward to though is my mom's kare-kare, and of course with the bagoong and nothing else.

Elections 2013 - Post-analysis

"The government you elect, is the government you deserve"
I just happen to have coined this from a post in facebook and I am not really sure from who or where it was quoted from. But it's somewhat powerful, direct, and straight-to-the-point right.
I just happen to have practiced my right as a citizen of this country/municipality recently by voting. I have to admit, I never really took the the time to prepare my list months/weeks before the election. Never took it seriously: the campaigns, the debates it never piqued my interest. I also find one senatoriable's TV ad quite catchy but corny, but at least it's catcy and unfortunately, it never got that candidate enough votes to earn him a spot in the senate.
I just prepared my list on the election day itself (at least I did prepare).
One thing I would like to pat my back on is that I tried my darnedest best to review each candidates profile. to know their platforms, their stand on certain issues. Based on my reviews, those that are lesser knowns, and without any parties to belong to, are the ones that have the senseful platforms and agenda should they be elected, and they did merit to have my vote. However, none even tackled the issue with security: securing our seas from neighboring countries with which we are disputing with. If ever somebody gave a positive outlook regarding that will earn my #1 spot in this list.
Come election day, on an afternoon we decided to cast our vote. Lo and behold, the PCOS machine assigned to our precint is bugging-down due to over-heating. This made a lot of voters in our precinct queue in line for our turn to vote. Add to the fact that it's a hot, sweaty and humid afternoon. And you are lucky if a poll-watcher is a relative, a close-friend or even a ka-tsismisan. If that'll be the case, you won't even have to queue. Makes us wonder why our country never progresses after all?
Queueing wise, even inside the queuing area you'd be surprised that when you switch rows of chairs, there are still some people who manages to go ahead of you and take the first seat even if you were there first. Talk about discipline, my countrymen! We are against corrupt officials, but wake up and see if you are not corrupt yourself!
During our turn to cast our votes, the PCOS is still-down. The markers used to mark the ballots are lacking, so you'll have to wait for those who went ahead to vote finish first.  At last, my time to vote. It's helpful also that I had with me my list. Done in 3 - 5 mins.
The sad part is, 1/3 from my senate list are those that joined the 12. My first and second choice didn't make the cut. My local votes didn't win.
One thing is for sure. A lot of voters are still not emotionally, intelligently mature enough in voting. Personality and not background is being checked in electing people for public office. I mean a lot of the winners have questionable backgrounds, no experience in public office, are part of a political dynasty notorious for being corrupt, etc.etc.