Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Start 2008, A new Fam Car

My brother has always been the most successful in the family-career wise. He worked in Singaporethe past 9 years and went back at home for good in 2006. Eversince he went back, he was hired by a major global financial institution as a Project Management Consultant - He was there for a year as a consultantand the time came when he was offered regular post by that same financial institution, this happened before last yearends around November 2007. One of the perks he had was a car subsidy from the company- a car of his choicefor which the company will initially shoulder the cost to purchase and 50% split of the cost to be paid by my brother on a fixed rate per month for a couple of years. He opted to get a SUV from Ford, the Ford Escape4x2 Automatic Transmission SUV. I am really not a car enthusiast but I would say it was rather a nice choice.We've had a family car for six years now which is a Mitsubishi Adventure model 2002-the same car that had tried the tests of time with numerous hits, bumps, and collisions when we (my brothers and I) were still trying our bestto learn how to drive. We owe Ishi - the car's a she, since it was purchased by my mom when she retired from workyears ago. Ishi is a stick-shift, manual transmission type, SUV. It's moot for me to compare Ishi with the new Ford Escapebut based from what I saw and experienced, here's what I have to say:

Number of passengers that can be seated - Ishi won
Leg room - Fordie won
Airconditioning - Ishi won (Fordie doesn't have dual aircon) it has all it's aircon blowers in front by the dashboard.
Dashboard - Fordie no contest
Fuel utilization - Ishi is still fuel efficient, I am not sure but based on my first time to handle a auto-transmission vehicle,it consumed a lot of fuel based from the short distance we had it for a test-drive from house to mall of asia, and then back.
Ergonomics - Fordie no contest

I just based my points on my observations among the two vehicles. I am really not a know-it-all type when it comes to vehicles but these are just based on observations.
I must also say that driving an automatic transmission type is so easy, but I would advise that it's better to learn drivingin Manual transmission (stick-gear) type of vehicles. I must also admit that I have a lot to learn with the Ford EscapeI was just able to test drive it once on a short distance only. It's hard for me to size up the vehicles by it's four corners - for which I already have experienced with the Mitsubishi Adventure. I must say that Ishi holds a special place in our heartsince we've had her for 6 years already for which Fordie still has a lot to prove in our family.

A new year, A new blog

This has been the first time for me to blog again eversince time immemorial. Let me start first be greeting everyone a Happy New Year for 2008!- and I hope I am not too late to send out my greeting. Better late than never! right? I just hope everyone started the year right, so that everything that'll happen for this year will be on-track. At the startof the year, I promised myself never to be late ever! But up to now, I have yet to fulfill that promise. I don't know what instigated this habit of mine-but I really have a tendency to be Late. I habited myself with being Late at work (not unlessit is required or necessary for me to report for work early), going to church (for which my wifey always gives me a frownwhen we meet for church). There are some things that I do not know why my Lateness became a habit, and I am reallydreading to change it...for Good!
One of my problems really, apart from being Late, is not being able to manage my Time efficiently. There are mostlytimes when I just do tasks that I feel like doing ala 'spur of the moment'. I try to list down activities for me in the 'To dotasks' entry in my planners (yes, I do have two planner(s) - one for work, one for personal and business purposes). I startedusing planners so that I can jot down activities for the day coz I have a tendency also to forget things. As we grow old, we grow wiser-and also 'forgetful'.
I also would like to change my attitude of being slightly obsessive-compulsive (OC). I have this attitude that makes me stick to a task longer because I have this habit of making sure that everything about that task is spot-on-clean, hassle-free,and mess-free. One example I might cite is the time it takes for me to clean my room. I don't have a big room, but itusually takes me hours and ages to clean it up because I want everything In order and spot-on clean. I meanthere's nothing wrong with being clean, but I would have done a lot more than sticking to cleaning my room. This is usuallywhen I feel like not enjoying my weekends much-there are a lot of household tasks to do.
I would also like to change my attitude of being a 'big spender'. I have this habit of buying things-mostly gadgets, thatis really not important but I splurge-on. My wifey is my biggest advisor- not to spend on things that are not importantand needed. This is one of the things I like most about her and am thankful for.
Be more friendly and flexible with others. I must admit it! I am really not a people-person. I rather choose my friends thanbeing friends with everybody. I am really not sure about why I am like this, maybe I am a bit shy about engaging inconversation with others. This is one of the reasons why up to now I am still adjusting to new environments. There are times when I fell OPd (out-of-placed) but it doesn't really bother me at all. I just wish that other people willnot misundestand me as being a snob, un-friendly, loner, when in fact, I am just not really good at initiating conversationwith others. I choose who I talk to. I don't talk to anybody.
Well, these are really my attitude-tuning to do in 2008. I am happy, at least I was able to jot them down thru this blog.