Monday, September 21, 2015

Spiral Sofitel - the Luxurious buffet in Town

This is the first time I've had the opportunity of dining in one of the expensive albeit luxurious buffet in Town - Sofitel Spiral. Being one of the five star hotels in manila, they truly deserve to be the at the top of all buffets around the metro.

Spirals is not cheap. Being priced at P3,300++ tax inclusive with service charge per pax. They go up to P4,000 ++ during Sundays to include the cheese and wine feast. The price tag is commensurate to the selection available, more than enough that your eyes can feast upon. I was quite surprised that given the price tag, the place gets crowded which means that there are a lot who can afford such a hefty price tag. Good thing my brother has one of those membership cards that allowed him to avail of thee 50% discount per head, which mathematically means the price is at P1,700++ per head which is still quite pricey. But what the heck, this is not weekly activity and will just be once during special ocassions.

Prior to going to the buffet, it is must to give the promo voucher code and date to the reservations officer. This maybe done via email or dropping them a call preferably a week or a few days prior to the preferred date. Though they are not really strict but they would ask you to be in a smart casual attire: no short pants, flip flops, sandos or jerseys. But to be honest, there are a lot who doesn't really know how to dress up properly in such venues.But what can sofitel do for paying customers, right?

Anyway, going back the selection is huge with the following varieties: western, oriental (japanese, korean), mediterranean european, indian, filipino, huge variety of desserts (loved the fruits selection and the gelato). I would suggest not to binge on rice or anything heavy (with batters) since this will make you feel full early and just to eat in small portions to taste everything. Trust me when I say that eating in small portions, given everything in the buffet, will make your stomach bloat.

Note however that only water, coffee and tea are included in the buffet. Sodas, juices will be priced separately. Just to give an example: a canned soda will cost P250 which is ten times more that the outside price. But this is to be expected since you are in a five star hotel.

To sum it all up, I will give sofitel 4-1/2 stars for everything (food, service, ambiance) and five stars for cleanliness.
we were seated near the desserts / patisserie section

Be there earlier also to catch the spectacular view of Manila Bay's sunset.

outside the hotel by the bay just beside the pool.
Photo op taken but poolside is just exclusive for guests