Friday, August 24, 2007

Another sets of firsts for me

Last week was a rather another set(s) of first experiences for me. It was my first online purchase in ebay, and my first also to meet-up an absolutely unknown seller from ebay. It was quite a nervous experience for me since at the back of my mind, I was thinking what if I was faked? What if the product being sold to me was defective?

Well anyway, the product I bought over ebay was a motorola v3xx mobile phone. I did not have any second thoughts of buying this phone since I really want to upgrade to a 3G phone - it has almost been two years that I had my 2G phone which is a sony ericsson k750i; and because it is sold at a relatively cheap price - P7,000 for a month old used phone, complete with accessories. Standard market price at the market is P17,000 for a brand new one. Immediately upon finding this ad in ebay, I contacted the seller - who turned out to be an american expat currently based here in manila. Still I was quite nervous because my first online transaction is from an expat.

Come the next day, which was a Friday and a rainy/stormy one, we decided to meet-up at Starbucks in People Support. I already have the cash and he has the goods. Upon seeing the american expat seller, you wouldn't believe since he doesn't really look decent enough to look like a white collar worker expat here in makati. He looks slim, doesn't look like a typical ladies' man and the type who'd hit it up at a cheap bar to hook up with the 'exotics' here in the philippines =). I went for an order of coffee and proceeded with inspecting the phone being sold. I was one lucky guy since true to his post in ebay, it was still relatively new and complete. I really just inserted my SIM and tested it lightly and just paid for it. He left immediately, mentioning that he still has the cab waiting for him outside. It was a sigh of relief for me since I really, really had a good deal. Even my friends wouldn't believe that I was sold the unit at a very low price. Should I decide to sell it, I still could even pass it at P11,000.

I'll post my analysis and review of the motorola v3xx next.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Thank God for Itunes. It is no hassle to organize the iPOD. One of the features that really sets the iPOD apart from the rest of MP/Video players is the iTunes. Eventhough my PC has been slowing down due to numerous files that eats up the primary drive.

I just have to constantly remiond myself to back-up the large files (MP3s and Video) but really haven't found the time to do this yet even during the weekends. I usually have thi laziness occuring within me to backup files since I have a hard time even imagining of having the PC finish disk copying the Gigabytes of files.

Problem # 2 has got to do with my PC shutting down by itself. Suspect is the power supply as always. I have to admit that this PC i already heavy-loaded with tons of apparatus.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

It has been a long time after my last blog!

Blogging has been a trend much lately. This has been a trend with celebrities of any form right now. Unluckily for me, I haven't had posted here for years; and I do seem the urge to start blogging again - as a form for me to update journals, which I hope to try to keep up to date. And I am not a Celebrity of any form as what I mentioned to start this blog entry.

Past two years - with past jobs, same mobile phone but with a different SIM (already using a 3G SIM even if my phone is still 2G - hopefully switching to 3G soon!), an iPOD video later; and Nothing's much changed. I still keep the same profession, still with my GF, still stressed (most of the times) but already trying to maintain a much more positive outlook in life.

I think this is all for NOW. I'll try to keep this blog as fresh, updated and current with just about anything that might be of Interest, I just hope I wouldn't bore as what I claim my personality is-a Bore!

Whatever Perez Hilton has transformed Blogging into a revenue generating form for him.