Friday, August 24, 2007

Another sets of firsts for me

Last week was a rather another set(s) of first experiences for me. It was my first online purchase in ebay, and my first also to meet-up an absolutely unknown seller from ebay. It was quite a nervous experience for me since at the back of my mind, I was thinking what if I was faked? What if the product being sold to me was defective?

Well anyway, the product I bought over ebay was a motorola v3xx mobile phone. I did not have any second thoughts of buying this phone since I really want to upgrade to a 3G phone - it has almost been two years that I had my 2G phone which is a sony ericsson k750i; and because it is sold at a relatively cheap price - P7,000 for a month old used phone, complete with accessories. Standard market price at the market is P17,000 for a brand new one. Immediately upon finding this ad in ebay, I contacted the seller - who turned out to be an american expat currently based here in manila. Still I was quite nervous because my first online transaction is from an expat.

Come the next day, which was a Friday and a rainy/stormy one, we decided to meet-up at Starbucks in People Support. I already have the cash and he has the goods. Upon seeing the american expat seller, you wouldn't believe since he doesn't really look decent enough to look like a white collar worker expat here in makati. He looks slim, doesn't look like a typical ladies' man and the type who'd hit it up at a cheap bar to hook up with the 'exotics' here in the philippines =). I went for an order of coffee and proceeded with inspecting the phone being sold. I was one lucky guy since true to his post in ebay, it was still relatively new and complete. I really just inserted my SIM and tested it lightly and just paid for it. He left immediately, mentioning that he still has the cab waiting for him outside. It was a sigh of relief for me since I really, really had a good deal. Even my friends wouldn't believe that I was sold the unit at a very low price. Should I decide to sell it, I still could even pass it at P11,000.

I'll post my analysis and review of the motorola v3xx next.

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