Tuesday, February 08, 2005

MP3 Overload...

The benefits of having a DSL connection to me, really is information overload and unlimited downloads. I must admit that "moi" is a sucker for mp3's. Rather than buying expensive CDs. At least, if I am completely through or over the CD, it wouldn't hurt in the pocket if you just have an MP3, to feed into my compact MP3 player and erase it whenever I am over ("sawa na") with the song. My MP3 player is my constant companion, I can have it with me wherever and play it in whatever mood I may be.

Current faves: Jesus of Suburbia by Green Day, Rich Girl by Gwen Stefani, Diary by Alicia Keys, On the Way Down by Ryan Cabrera, Since U been Gone by Kelly Clarkson.

I must admit, I dig different types of music...and the hell I care if it be the "corniest" tune on earth. I like Jesus of Suburbia, and must I say that Billy Joe is one hell of an incohesive (but with a substance-type of) poet. With reference to religion and drug abuse, with these lines:

"I'm the son of rage and love,The Jesus of suburbia,From the bible of "none of the above",On a steady diet of soda pop and ritalin,No one ever died for my sins in hell,As far as I can tell,At least the ones I got away with."

Rich Girl is catchy with amalgamation of ska, pop & rap, that is effective and proves that Gwen is really not just a "one-trick pony". She's effective with this song but the rest of the songs in her album doesn't really much appeal to me. I just like the vibe and grooviness in this song...It's like Austin Powers sayin', "goooove me baaabbbbyyyy!"

Diary is so, soooo smooth. I dunno about the song but it has that vibe that is soothing and addictive that only a talent like Ms. Alicia Keys can pull-of. She has my respect, lest she gets too boring in the future. To me, she's like the female version of Earth, Wind & Fire in terms of vibe and smoothness.

On the way down is catchy. I happen to watch a live performance of it in TRL and it was really, really good live. I wish i could download a live and raw (non-acoustic) version of this song in MP3.

Since you been gone is also catchy. I like the video though. That's why i downloaded the song. Kelly Clarkson is really, really good to watch in this video, she can also act and deliver the video effectively as the song. She can be a good actress. There's this natural and effective acting she does for the vid of this song.

To watch videos of the songs (even live), go to mtv.com.

Computer Virus

How on earth did my PC at home got infected by a Backdoor Virus in the presence of an updated anti-virus software and a personal firewall? This is the second time that my PC got infected by the Trojan backdoor virus, which causes my PC to automatically shutdown by itself. The last time my PC had the virus, it left me with no choice but to re-format the system. I don't want to go through the hassles of re-formatting and installing programs again. And so, I am searching a much reliable anti-virus that can quarantine and delete the entire virus from the system. As far as what my present anti-virus program does, was just to "heal" the infected file. I dunno what exactly heal means, and i presume that will already stop my PC from shutting down by itself for the meantime.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Saturday's supposed to be a day of rest(?)

Rather than spending the entire saturday resting & relaxing, I had mine spent cleaning my room and taking care of the dsl connection at home (read: my first encountered problem with my newly activated dsl service at home). I didn't even had the chance to touch the remote to watch good cable tv.

First task: clean my room.
It has been ages since I last did this task. I usually do this routine once-in-a-month, but the last time I had a major cleaning was since November (or was it December) of last year?. Cleaning my room is tantamount to me having allergic rhinitis attacks. I am allergic to crumpled dusts and I hate it. It makes me itchy and later on suffer from colds, itchy throat, watery eyes. I hate it when I have allergic rhinitis, I feel like my body resistance to diseases weakens everytime I have it. Good thing today that I didn't have an allergic rhinitis attack, was it because there were fewer dirt & dust in my room?

Second task: clean the room blinds.
I only have two panels(?) of blinds covering my window. Man, it's so very hard to clean. It took a ***t load of my time, more than what I spent to apply liquid wax on my floor. I've had it cleaned in about the same time as last year when we have an aunt & uncle came to visit us from the States, and I have to offer my room for them to stay in. To make it like super clean-I had to spray it with H2O & soap and let it hang outside to dry. I already had it installed and it's like it's sparkling clean and new...I wonder how long it will take for the blinds to look ****ty again.

Third task: take care of my dsl cabling.
I had to purchase a long phone line cable about 14 meters long in order for me connect my modem to the phone terminal box. Add the fact that I had to fasten the cable to the wall & cieling going to my room (to the PC). By the way, I did this in almost 3 hours time and shall I say that I was pleased with the results. Now I don't need to have the cable lying on the floor everytime I connect to the internet, until somebody trips on it and have my modem fall to the ground and break again. Due to this, I was able to take a a bath at 11:30 pm and had my dinner at 12:00 mn.

Milestones for today:
- I taught my mom to use free email
- I successfully installed "eMule" as my file sharing application (P2P)-but unfortunately, most of the downloads I had requires me to either have a codec, or requires me to purchase a license.
- I just found out about skype-I still have to test if it really works as a VoIP program (a la softphone).

Just thoughts:
" why does lindsay lohan look like frankie muniz?"<-- are they identical twins?
booze of the day: smirnoff mule, vodka cruiser
booze if not enough dough: san miguel light
booze if no dough & desperate enough: ginebra san miguel (bilog ang mundo)
bozee if totally no dough: namputsa naman...wag na uminom kasi...itulog na lang yan!

Saturday, February 05, 2005

trippin' in front of the webcam Posted by Hello

Friday, February 04, 2005

first time to blog

Ehem! Excuse me sirs & madams. This is the first time that i am gonna be doing an online journal. I exactly do not know how fun this is or until how long am gonna be doing this ***t. I am hoping that my readers will dig whatever i am gonna be posting here. I really think that my routinely life is a bore for me to post any new stuff. But baby, this might be an avenue for me to hone my writing skills.

First stuff, I am thrilled to have a dsl connection at home. Just got wired thru pldt. Well, i have a feeling that my computer at home and me will be having a good relationship, with the broadband internet being my new toy. hehehe! For how long or as to how I am going to utilize my computer and internet, these things keep flashing in my head (downloads, downloads, downloads, mpeg...mp3s, vids , clips, etc, etc...).

Second stuff, Had my work place (desk) arranged and cleaned up for my new flatscreen monitor. I never realized that I had tons of ***t load in my desk and when it got cleaned-up, it makes you feel like it's easier working with a more arranged and neat desk.

Third Stuff, visa application (US Tourist). God, I've heard from an officemate while we were having a tete-a-tete over afternoon break at Jollibee. He's got a 10-year multiple entry tourist/business visa to the US, and told me that there is a system in the US embassy wherein they have to raffle applications and those that will be luckily picked will be granted a US Visa on the spot without even being interviewed. Given the rate of those applications that are denied...I can't help to let myself believe that it really must have been the system in the US Embassy. I am hoping that when we apply, may the Good Lord get our applications picked-up during the raffle...

Fourth Stuff, it's a friday and "gimik" day for most young professionals. I dunno if I am gonna be having a gimik tonight but I do feel like watching "Meet the Fockers" in Glorietta. I also would like to get me some "booze". Let's just see if i can do both or one of them.