Tuesday, February 08, 2005

MP3 Overload...

The benefits of having a DSL connection to me, really is information overload and unlimited downloads. I must admit that "moi" is a sucker for mp3's. Rather than buying expensive CDs. At least, if I am completely through or over the CD, it wouldn't hurt in the pocket if you just have an MP3, to feed into my compact MP3 player and erase it whenever I am over ("sawa na") with the song. My MP3 player is my constant companion, I can have it with me wherever and play it in whatever mood I may be.

Current faves: Jesus of Suburbia by Green Day, Rich Girl by Gwen Stefani, Diary by Alicia Keys, On the Way Down by Ryan Cabrera, Since U been Gone by Kelly Clarkson.

I must admit, I dig different types of music...and the hell I care if it be the "corniest" tune on earth. I like Jesus of Suburbia, and must I say that Billy Joe is one hell of an incohesive (but with a substance-type of) poet. With reference to religion and drug abuse, with these lines:

"I'm the son of rage and love,The Jesus of suburbia,From the bible of "none of the above",On a steady diet of soda pop and ritalin,No one ever died for my sins in hell,As far as I can tell,At least the ones I got away with."

Rich Girl is catchy with amalgamation of ska, pop & rap, that is effective and proves that Gwen is really not just a "one-trick pony". She's effective with this song but the rest of the songs in her album doesn't really much appeal to me. I just like the vibe and grooviness in this song...It's like Austin Powers sayin', "goooove me baaabbbbyyyy!"

Diary is so, soooo smooth. I dunno about the song but it has that vibe that is soothing and addictive that only a talent like Ms. Alicia Keys can pull-of. She has my respect, lest she gets too boring in the future. To me, she's like the female version of Earth, Wind & Fire in terms of vibe and smoothness.

On the way down is catchy. I happen to watch a live performance of it in TRL and it was really, really good live. I wish i could download a live and raw (non-acoustic) version of this song in MP3.

Since you been gone is also catchy. I like the video though. That's why i downloaded the song. Kelly Clarkson is really, really good to watch in this video, she can also act and deliver the video effectively as the song. She can be a good actress. There's this natural and effective acting she does for the vid of this song.

To watch videos of the songs (even live), go to mtv.com.

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Crazy Spork I Am said...

alicia keys is rather nummy, josh and i recently did a remix of one of her songs if you want to check it out: