Friday, February 04, 2005

first time to blog

Ehem! Excuse me sirs & madams. This is the first time that i am gonna be doing an online journal. I exactly do not know how fun this is or until how long am gonna be doing this ***t. I am hoping that my readers will dig whatever i am gonna be posting here. I really think that my routinely life is a bore for me to post any new stuff. But baby, this might be an avenue for me to hone my writing skills.

First stuff, I am thrilled to have a dsl connection at home. Just got wired thru pldt. Well, i have a feeling that my computer at home and me will be having a good relationship, with the broadband internet being my new toy. hehehe! For how long or as to how I am going to utilize my computer and internet, these things keep flashing in my head (downloads, downloads, downloads, mpeg...mp3s, vids , clips, etc, etc...).

Second stuff, Had my work place (desk) arranged and cleaned up for my new flatscreen monitor. I never realized that I had tons of ***t load in my desk and when it got cleaned-up, it makes you feel like it's easier working with a more arranged and neat desk.

Third Stuff, visa application (US Tourist). God, I've heard from an officemate while we were having a tete-a-tete over afternoon break at Jollibee. He's got a 10-year multiple entry tourist/business visa to the US, and told me that there is a system in the US embassy wherein they have to raffle applications and those that will be luckily picked will be granted a US Visa on the spot without even being interviewed. Given the rate of those applications that are denied...I can't help to let myself believe that it really must have been the system in the US Embassy. I am hoping that when we apply, may the Good Lord get our applications picked-up during the raffle...

Fourth Stuff, it's a friday and "gimik" day for most young professionals. I dunno if I am gonna be having a gimik tonight but I do feel like watching "Meet the Fockers" in Glorietta. I also would like to get me some "booze". Let's just see if i can do both or one of them.

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