Saturday, March 19, 2005

Teambuilding in Subic

The week before, I joined my co-employees for a team-building sessions in subic bay freeport zone. It was fun coz it was really the first time that me and my officemates are sheltered in one roof for 4-days and 3-nights. It was fun, wacky, dramatic, and scary. I really like the staff house we lived at. It was cozy, comfortable, but haunted (?). The staff house is an remodeled ranking-officer's home way when subic was still owned by the US Navy, rumors has it that the house a block away from where we stayed was haunted by that ghost of an african-american man. Well, some of the officemates can attest that they experienced it, but not me. I liked the ambiance and environment in subic but truth be told, I wasn't thrilled by it anymore. It still has the same sights as compared to the last time i was there, with not much changes. Well, had been there a number of times years back. And the beach, well, it still is clean but itchy. I dunno what about the seawater there that is itchy. Maybe it's slowly getting polluted? Well a plus factor to subic will be the ocean adventure park. It has sealion shows, whale & dolphin shows, and an aquarium. It is surely a treat for kids but ticket prices are really expensive. But the good thing is that the park is well maintained and clean. Hope it'll still be the same the next time i go there.

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