Tuesday, March 29, 2005

American Idol

Corny as it may seem but I must admit that I follow this show. I dunno if it is singing or simon's rude and funny comments that made me watch the show. But i must admit i get to listen to songs that i do not really know of because of the show. It was only during the 3rd season that I started following the show due to the presence of two Fil-Ams in the finals. Right now, in the 4th season, I am really not that excited as was the 3rd season, but I still watch it. My prediction to win this competition will be Bo bice (for being fresh & unique - hey, they still don't have a rock star american idol), Anwar Robinson (nice but not really great voice but he's rather getting a bit boring), Nadia Turner (good voice but tends to get Over Acting during performance), or Vonzell Solomon (great performer and voice but am not liking another african-american idol). Scott Savol is also good but his image is rather not really a pop star material, Carrie Underwood (such a pretty, ok voice but really overhyped-think of female Anwar). The rest are forgettable. Let's just see if who I listed are the ones in the Top 5. There are still 9 to purge before the next american idol is crowned.

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