Saturday, March 30, 2013

I need a mobile phone replacement

I need to have an idea of what I need to have as a replacement for my two year old huawei phone. Since the phone I am using right now is a little obsolete already, It all boils down to the following choices (excluding iphone 5, of course). Since I am looking into android jelly bean, here are my top choices:

  1. Cherry Mobile Omega HD - budget-wise this fits but am having reservations with the quality since Cherry Mobile is just a re-brand of a chinese mobile brand. But what isn't made in China anymore?
  2. Cherry Mobile Flame 2.0 - budget-wise also fits and this also is already a quad-core device. Slightly lower in price as compared to the one above, this is also a new line of android phone from cherry mobile.
  3. Nexus 4 - (only when it's available via installment) Reviews have been great for this device. However the price is what makes it quite unrealistic for me. This phone sets the bar high.
  4. HTC Butterfly - the most expensive of the four, I might say. But this is being offered in installment basis, so I am considering it jus because of that factor.
  5. My Phone A919 - relatively cheaper but runs on ICS and RAM is just 512 MB, so might as well take this one off from the list. But for budget considerations and screen-size, I might just give this one a consideration.
I guess these are my top choices, let's see in the coming days/weeks which of those I listed will be the replacement.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Iphone data plan...NOT!

I have written here in my blog a few weeks back about my intention to have an iphone 5 through this local mobile phone provider. I will be witholding the name of this provider but some of you may know who this local carrier is.
Anyhow, here is what happened when I was about to renew my contract with this mobile service provider a week ago (my plan is already up for renewal "retention" since I was able to finish the 24 months lock-in period).
Went to the sales office to apply for phone renewal and at the same time, to upgrade my plan to plan 999 which is the bundled plan for the iphone 5.
Frontliner: Sir, ano po yung concern nyo?
Me: Retention ko at the same time gusto ko yung iphone 5 plan.
Frontliner: (handed me a leaflet which has all details of the iphone 5 plan).
Me: Pwede ba sa plan 500 ko? how much is the cash out?
Frontliner: sir, kapag ni-renew nyo po yung plan 500 nyo wala na po yun automatically enrolled na po sa Plan 600. (was thinking, ano na naman ito at hindi ako informed before na ganuon pala)
Me: Ok. Kung data plan, ano mga options ko?
Frotnliner: (pointed the pen and discussed the details of the iphone 5. including the cash-out for iphone 5 units to be availed with the plan).
Me: Ok. pwede ba deferred yan? di ba kasi meron kayo yung kung gano katagal yung lock-in period ganun din yung monthly mo sa credit card to pay for the unit?
Frontliner: Ay opo meron po. Ano po card nyo sir?
Me: BPI.
FL: ay di po pwede sa BPI. BDO saka Metrobank lang po may arrangement kami for deferment of payment sa units. Pero pwede naman po straight payment charge sa BPI card ninyo.
Me: (having second thoughts already about availing yung iphone 5, but very much decided to get the iphone 5) Ok sige.
FL: sir, pwede po mahiram yung card ninyo at the same time valid ID saka proof of income po? (I came prepared. I have with me the current credit card statement as well as the previous month.)
Me: (handed-over all the requirements to her).
FL: sir, magkano po credit limit ninyo?
Me: around P xxxK

The frontliner photocopied the requirements, went to encode the information in her workstation PC. Printed out the form (application for rentention), attached the requirements she asked from me. then filled-up some info on the form, then asked me to affix my signature on the form where she put check-marks on.

Me: (signing the checked area). Miss, bakit wala pa yung PTF Amount Pre-termination fee amount?  (the PTF amount is checked meaning I have to sign-it).
FL: ay sorry po. pahiram po muna ulit nung form. (she looked at the monitor again, affixed the PTF amount and handed me over the form again).
Me: (jaw-dropped) huh?! bakit P31,500?
FL: Sir, yan po talaga amount nya eh. Kasi po 32GB po i-a-avail nyo, yung sa 16GB naman po P27++K.
Me: eh bakit ganyan kalaki PTF eh since babayran ko naman yung unit ng straight-payment na nga sa credit card ko. (BTW, the cost of the unit to be charged to me is P24K.)
FL: Ganun po tlaga sir. Policy po yan eh
Me: (without having second thoughts). Ay sige di bale pag-isipan ko muna yung applicatin ko, pwede?
FL: Ok lang naman sir. (She handed me the form).
Me: (went out of the sales office and never came back)

I just thought maybe this is not for me and I don't really have the guts shelling-out so much from such  a device. So, even though I was looking-forward to you before, my precious Iphone 5, i think I may just have to let go of you now.  As per a PNR-mate, nasa nagdadala yan hindi yang brand ng phone (it's who carries a phone even if what brand it is you carry). Speaking of which, I have my possible candidates for pinoy android phones which are a lot cheaper but packs a lot in terms of performance and functionality.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

efficient public transport

I long for the day when going in & around metro manila, and even outside the neighboring provinces will be supported by inter-linked MRT's / Trains. I dread our mass transportation here in the metro. Apart from being not time-efficient, it is sooo congested and crowded especially during the peak-hours.
PNR  is good but the facilities it uses need a major overhaul. The stations are ugly (and sometimes dirty) and dark at night-time. The trains are hand-me-downs from Japan with even signs and markings in japanese visible within the trains.
I keep on wondering why our neighboring countries in Asia have good mass transportation systems which my own 'pinas  doesn't have. With the amount of taxes i am paying and the VAT that is being charged on my receipts and bills aren't enough to at least provide me with an efficient and comfortable means of mass-transport that we tax-payers duly deserve?
Manila is now known as a mega city in South East Asia, does the mass transportation facilities have a  bearing in it's stand as a mega city?

Saturday, March 02, 2013

newly-renovated houses

There's something cool about newly-renovated houses. It's like a totally-different house if your house is renovated. I really, really like the zen-inspired modern houses. I've been to old houses and renovated to 'zen-inspired' themes with minimalist designs and I've totally liked it.

However, the cost of renovating a house is not cheap. It's comparable to having a newly-built house except that the land is yours and already fixed. But it takes a lot of budget also, as well as a lot of patience involved in renovating a house.

You really have to have a working budget, deal with the contractors, try to learn to delve into the details and as much as possible, have a hands-on and 100% involvement at least in the inspection of the renovation project as well.

Someday, I dream of a renovation of our ancestral-house as well. But the 'budget' is what should dictate when it should actually-happen.