Wednesday, March 06, 2013

efficient public transport

I long for the day when going in & around metro manila, and even outside the neighboring provinces will be supported by inter-linked MRT's / Trains. I dread our mass transportation here in the metro. Apart from being not time-efficient, it is sooo congested and crowded especially during the peak-hours.
PNR  is good but the facilities it uses need a major overhaul. The stations are ugly (and sometimes dirty) and dark at night-time. The trains are hand-me-downs from Japan with even signs and markings in japanese visible within the trains.
I keep on wondering why our neighboring countries in Asia have good mass transportation systems which my own 'pinas  doesn't have. With the amount of taxes i am paying and the VAT that is being charged on my receipts and bills aren't enough to at least provide me with an efficient and comfortable means of mass-transport that we tax-payers duly deserve?
Manila is now known as a mega city in South East Asia, does the mass transportation facilities have a  bearing in it's stand as a mega city?

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