Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween

Thanks to the ever-sprouting call centers here in our country that we are already embracing the american-culture that much. Ten years ago, you cannot see children doing "tricks or treats" in malls or even in respective communities, donned in the most effortless costumes to those who spend a lot to look like ghouls. Ten years ago, only the elitistas in the exclusive subdivisions are observing these. Talk about consumerism, our culture has embraced this non-sense event today. But at least, we don't only see vampires and witches here, who could forget our identity such as aswangs, engkanto, diwata, tikbalang, tyanak at kung anu-ano pa? But since during this season that we have a few days off from work or school, and this event is a prelude to the nearing christmas season. For whatever reasons, I enjoy seeing but I don't see the connection of observing/doing this. But anyway, let me be the first to greet....

Happy Halloween...

Of birthday parties, "no shows", flowing booze, and the eternal "videoke"

Yesterday I celebrated my 2nth birthday. I held a celebration at our home. The last time I did this was three years ago. The usual presence(s) that I have with this sort of gathering are "no shows", "booze" and "videoke". Let me first go to the first one: the "no shows"...just who exactly are they? Ever experienced inviting friends or acquaintances to a celebration, having confirmed their attendance but come the event are the ones not present. I just wished that these people would just turn down an invitation on-the-spot rather than confirm and when the event comes will make endless excuses of their non-appearance. I just don't find this attitude right and I think people like this are nothing but disgusting. Despite endless excuses, the underlying reason is still laziness. Well anyway, I was sort of happy because despite "no shows" there are still people who attended my celebration. Rest-assured that I'll treasure these people and I'll return the favor to them. "No shows" are already a part of the filipino culture and I dread the day when we'll already learn to observe etiquettes during invitations for whatever parties/celebrations.

The second is the "booze". Since this is not a children's party (though some of your guests are still children at heart), ever flowing booze is a must in any adult birthday celebration. I had light beers and a jack daniel's with bailey's to chill in the house. This is the only celebration that I had where my tolerance to alcohol went above the bar. In as much as I want to control my intake of alcohol, it left me with no choice but just to gulp and drink. Since I only had a few guests who drink, and booze are a-flow. By the way, I also had bottomless iced-tea for my guests who don't drink.

The third is the ever-popular "videoke". I must admit that I am a videoke fan but I am not the addicted type. Our neighborhood has tons of daily, nightly sessions with a videoke. Blame it on "singing contest ala reality shows" for the videoke. Funny belting, out-of-tune, provincial accents, name it the videoke doesn't choose any target audience. You'll be in the ice age if this is not present in your birthday bash. The videoke is one-solid entertainment packed. Who would not want to hear a colleague belt out a song and turn out out of tune? Or be surprised at a colleague who has the pipes but needs to warm-up with booze to boost the confidence and grab the mic to sing?

Well, all-in-all I had a blast celebrating my birthday. I may have only a few guests but I enjoyed the day.

Friday, October 28, 2005

My Chemical Romance

Being an internet-addict myself, I learned to make use and fully-utilize the dsl internet connection at home. One of the most satisfying and addicting things that you can do with a dsl connection at home is to download using a peer-to-peer file-sharing application. Thank goodness that P2P file-sharing is not sanctioned yet here unlike in the US where downloading and file-sharing is a crime against copyright laws. I've had numerous albums, applications, softwares that I was able to download using this P2P applications. But I must re-iterate that I have these for personal use only and I do not intend to copy and sell these downloads for profit.

One of the albums I downloaded that surprised me was My Chemical Romance's, "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge". I have seen the video for "Helena" a couple of times in music video channels but it didn't really appeal to me first "sound-wise". Though, they had done a creepy and eye-catching vid for that one. It wasn't until "the Ghost of You" that made me like this band and search their album for download. What really surprised me was that the creepiness and goth they personify wasn't really that much shown in the entire album. The album is a cross between, pop and punk-rock. At first, I thought it was another NIN or Marilyn Manson type of music but it wasn't. All-in-all, I gave it 3 start out of 5 but because I really am not a fan of punk-rock. Though I must admit that I never get tired of listening to "the Ghost of You".

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Zorro's siblings

Just three weeks after zorro died, coco, his last partner gave birth this morning. Coco gave birth to three litters, unfortunately, two died and only one remained. My mom was in a way, kinda happy since there is already a replacement for zorro. Let's just hope that this dog will survive so that in a way, zorro's legacy will live on...

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Sony Ericsson k750i

It took me ages before I had to replace my handphone, my nokia 3530. Had this one for more than three years given to me by my brother. I never really intended to have it replaced with the latest and high-tech (and usually very expensive) models given the fact that mobile phone theft and even more serious crimes arise due to this expensive gadgets. It took me three years and one-BPI installment madness to finally have the impulse to buy this phone. Drums rolling...the sony ericsson k750i.

I must admit that I just bought this one out of impulse. And I must admit also that I really like this model and unit, feature-wise and look-wise. A camera phone with 2 Megapixel camera with 4x zoom, an external memory that can be upgradeable, an mp3 player, a radio, bluetooth enabled for wireless transfer, etc.

This phone and my mp3 player are what I consider my most-valuable material possessions. I never leave home without them.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

In memoriam of our beloved "Zorro"

Yesterday was one of the saddest events of my life. The reason being the untimely death of my beloved pet dog. This dog has been with us for the last three years. He has been like an addition to the family, like almost a child pampered and giving us the bundle of joy, most especially to my parents to whom he must have spent most of my lifetime. "Zorro" died an untimely and tragic death, almost leaving us completely shocked and saddened. He was a victim of hit and run, during a normal day when he is being strolled around routinely every morning to relieve himself, towed by my father. With yesterday being different as his lifeless body is cradled by my dad on the way home. I could still see him struggling with his remaining breath as he was laid down on the floor. My mom cried deeply saddened to see that his youngest lying lifelessly. My father was shocked as if he wants to cry but he cannot. My heart broke. I wrapped him in the towel that we used to dry him with together with the towel my mom used in order to have him completely wrapped. He was buried in my aunt’s house’s vacant lot; it was from my aunt’s place that this creature that we’ll use to love was born.

Gone are the days when this playful dog would play catch ball when you throw it and he'll fetch and bring it back to you, gone are the days also when he would sit in front of the refrigerator as if telling you he wants cold water, gone are the days when I watch TV in the living room and he'll sit beside me with his hand scratching me to signal that he wants to have his chin and throat area scratched by my hand, gone are the days when he'll jump by the bed and lay beside you as if he wants to show how grateful and thankful he is to his "older brother", Gone are the days when every Sunday morning I’ll give him a bath, usually anytime between the hours of 11:00 am – 12:00 pm. Yes! these are just some of the things he does and he does it effortlessly in order to please us, not as masters but as part of the family. And yes, yesterday was very different because the usual sight we see is no longer with us. And we are deeply saddened and mourning over his sudden and untimely demise.

We miss you Zorro! You will never be replaced. I know right now you are already in heaven. I know you have a soul. Thanks very much for keeping us happy for the past three years, and may God bless and keep you...

In memoriam of our beloved "Zorro"...