Friday, October 28, 2005

My Chemical Romance

Being an internet-addict myself, I learned to make use and fully-utilize the dsl internet connection at home. One of the most satisfying and addicting things that you can do with a dsl connection at home is to download using a peer-to-peer file-sharing application. Thank goodness that P2P file-sharing is not sanctioned yet here unlike in the US where downloading and file-sharing is a crime against copyright laws. I've had numerous albums, applications, softwares that I was able to download using this P2P applications. But I must re-iterate that I have these for personal use only and I do not intend to copy and sell these downloads for profit.

One of the albums I downloaded that surprised me was My Chemical Romance's, "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge". I have seen the video for "Helena" a couple of times in music video channels but it didn't really appeal to me first "sound-wise". Though, they had done a creepy and eye-catching vid for that one. It wasn't until "the Ghost of You" that made me like this band and search their album for download. What really surprised me was that the creepiness and goth they personify wasn't really that much shown in the entire album. The album is a cross between, pop and punk-rock. At first, I thought it was another NIN or Marilyn Manson type of music but it wasn't. All-in-all, I gave it 3 start out of 5 but because I really am not a fan of punk-rock. Though I must admit that I never get tired of listening to "the Ghost of You".

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