Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Painful experience of letting-go and moving-on...

Yesterday evening was one of the biggest blows in my life. My girlfriend for almost five years and I called it quits. But it was rather an unforgettable experience, quite having me to pass-on sleeping last night. She broke up with me through text. At first, I was shocked because we were together at church a couple of hours earlier. With me having to pass staying afterwards at their place because I have an important function to attend later that night. She texted me a couple of hours later as I was in the middle of being merry during the event, It goes like, "she loves me very much but she couldn't deal with the hurt I am giving her by not reciprocating my love to her. She has no expectations whatsoever, given the fact that she can't push me to do that and she learned to accept me for who I am, but there are things that she wants that I cannot provide and that we can not be happy moving forward since we obviously have a problem". I was distraught. I did not know what exactly to feel...continuing with her text message that "It was not a fault on your side". At first, I did not get the message so I texted back, "What exactly are you implying?" "Shall we have time to talk and not SMS?" , then she replied, "I am breaking-up with you" I think this is the right and only thing to do", "I don't wan't to see you or talk to you anymore." She never replied again after a couple of text messages I sent her. I was distraught that I hurt her. Simple matter to me was already the universe to her. I cannot blame her. She may be right. And so right now, I continue to be saddened, to grieve about us. I know for a fact that we can no longer be together again, or so I thought. She never asked for space, she broke-up with me.

Exactly up to this moment I haven't had sleep yet thinking, " is this worth the fight or should I let go? and move on" God bless us both...

Monday, November 21, 2005

Concrete Termites

I used to believe that termites only pass through wooden materials. Why the hell did those pesky creatures pass through a crack on the concrete wall of my bedroom going to my cabinet? Are these already genetically-altered termites? They already crawled towards my wooden cabinet through a small crack on my wall. They already infested the base of my bedroom door, but had them exterminated before they do more damage. And now, I have to be the exterminator part deux to give those termites the doom at my cabinet.

Lately, I have been digging the music of the black-eyed peas, fantasia barrino, and santana. The albums of which I already have. I must admit that those music especially of the first two, I haven't been listening to those type of music (read: Hip-hop/R&B) when I was a self-professed grunge-kid during the early 90's (late high-school to early college era). I like the black-eyed peas for some booty-shaking and good vibes great for dancing, I like fantasia for her weird voice which others find annoying when she screams but very unique during the subtle mode, Santana for his genuine collaborations from artists with different background in music.

Constantine Maroulis live @ GB 3, November 17

Being an avid follower of this hit reality karaoke competition (yep, you have it right "Karaoke" competition), American Idol. I went to see a free mini concert sponsored by Ayala malls which is that of one of the finalists of Season 4, Constantine Maroulis. I was surprised that the GB all levels from the ground floor, up to the third level were packed. Both fans of Constantine and plain spectators like myself were present. The venue was packed with girls screaming, Constantiine! Constantine! Constantine!!...And so the concert began. Honestly speaking, I don't find anything spectacular about this guy. His voice is average, we could even have local male singers match up with him and do better than him. He doesn't even sound like a rock star at all. His stage presence is zero but judging from the girls' screams, this guy's charisma must be what catapulted him to be included in the Top 12 of the reality TV series. I must commend the local band backing him up because they played exactly matching those songs sung by Constantine. He performed songs that he performed at American Idol. I don't know what his "hatak" factor is but give him another 2 years, and let's look at where he is..

And speaking of Greenbelt 3, I would like to commend them for their christmas decorations. Same goes also with what glorietta has, with giant and unique hanging parols matched with a thousand lights. It was an amazing sight and it put me at awe.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Cold Season starts the Christmas feel

Suddenly, the day's gone cold and windy... signaling the nearing of Christmas. Add to that the sprouting of christmas decors, lights and the very original "parol" hanging around the streets and windows. Truly it is, the start of the Christmas feel. Massive early christmas sales going around each and every mall, christmas carols being played, malls massively decorated. Yes, the Philippines indeed has already adopted the western culture, more particularly the commercialism of Christmas.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire @ SM cinema, and Greewich's Sisig Pizza

I watched HP4: The Goblet of Fire last night together with my beloved companion, my girlfriend. Dang it's really hard to get movie tickets to this one. In glorietta, you have to pay extra than the already expensive tickets just to be able to see this one. Luckily, we have a SM mall near our place that I really never had the hassle of getting tickets to or to pay extra just to have one reserved. After so much anticipation and having read the book sometime ago, what can I say with the movie? I was not impressed. I was rather misled during the entirety of the movie, with too much phasing. Much of the phase doesn't even tell much the next phase. It's like taking specific scenes from chapters and getting scenes from it that doesn't connect well with the next. But I commend the visual effects althrough-out the movie. And the characters already in their adolescence, all grown-ups. Good thing that the ending was really what was told in the book, and the triwizard tournament. The best to me still is the HP2 movie.

Going back to SM cinema, why does it smell bad at the uppermost row at the balcony area? I wasn't really expecting it to smell bad in there but it left us with no choice but to take the seats since the moviehouse was a full-house. The smell resembled 3 pairs of sweaty socks or even more. It was awfully bad, and the airconditioning doesn't even reach that area. So, my advice is not to take those seats at the balcony even when it's a full moviehouse.

Prior to going to the moviehouse, me and my gf went to dine at Greenwich. Out of my curiosity for their newly-advertised pizza product, which is the Sisig pizza I ordered a solo size of the product. What can I say of the product? I'd suggest greenwich to stop selling those. It tastes awful. Pizza and Sisig can't really blend-well. It tastes like sisig, with crushed chicharon spread over with the calamansi tasting, add the taste of the cheese and tomato sauce with the crust. It's awful. Whoever did taste test of the product before marketing it, must have a really bad taste. He/she should be fired...I wonder what's next for greenwich? dinuguan pizza? tokwa't baboy pizza? Please we can't filipinize the pizza bcoz it's really an italian cusisine. Leave the pizza as is. Filipino dishes tastes good as it is too.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

One lucky day, and again...powerbooks

Today was such an unlucky day for me, the reason being I bruised (dented) the office car. In as much as I would like to forget it today...I simply can't. Well, anyway, the damage is done and the onl solution is to have it repaired. Oh well, such is life. As what they say, "charge it to experience".

I happen to drop-by powerbooks again after office, this time together with my girlfriend. We scouted for a good locally-authored books. I really am not a bookworm or somebody who'll spend just to buy a good book. I don't even know what to buy, until this book by Bob Ong caught my eye. The book is entitled, "Bakit baligtad magbasa ng libro ang mga Pilipino?". I assume this is more a comedy and satirical type of local book. I have yet to read it and will post a blog review as soon as I start reading it.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Suddenly, dropping-by at powerbooks

Payday with some extra cash to spend, I dropped-by Powerbooks in Greenbelt hoping to find a good read. Unfortunately, after spending about thirty minutes in the place before closing time, I wasn't able to buy anything. I was a sucker for mags but I was also searching for a good local books worth the money to spend. Then suddenly, upon browsing and gazing upon the piles of books around powerbooks it came to my mind about writing something that could be published. Like a book. I know for a fact that I really am not a perfect and gramatically-correct type of writer, but there is something within me that says I can do it.

In dire search of an inspiration to write something about....

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Has it ever occured to you?

Has it ever occured to you when you are uncertain where your career will take you? I am at a point right now contemplating either changing careers, or if I am truly for employment or contemplating if I am for business (though I really don't have the capital to initiate my own business). Sometimes, it occurs in my mind to take up an advanced course in order for me to polish my career. In the first place, I wasn't really able to practice my profession..Oh well, I wish fate will lead me to the right path.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween

Thanks to the ever-sprouting call centers here in our country that we are already embracing the american-culture that much. Ten years ago, you cannot see children doing "tricks or treats" in malls or even in respective communities, donned in the most effortless costumes to those who spend a lot to look like ghouls. Ten years ago, only the elitistas in the exclusive subdivisions are observing these. Talk about consumerism, our culture has embraced this non-sense event today. But at least, we don't only see vampires and witches here, who could forget our identity such as aswangs, engkanto, diwata, tikbalang, tyanak at kung anu-ano pa? But since during this season that we have a few days off from work or school, and this event is a prelude to the nearing christmas season. For whatever reasons, I enjoy seeing but I don't see the connection of observing/doing this. But anyway, let me be the first to greet....

Happy Halloween...

Of birthday parties, "no shows", flowing booze, and the eternal "videoke"

Yesterday I celebrated my 2nth birthday. I held a celebration at our home. The last time I did this was three years ago. The usual presence(s) that I have with this sort of gathering are "no shows", "booze" and "videoke". Let me first go to the first one: the "no shows"...just who exactly are they? Ever experienced inviting friends or acquaintances to a celebration, having confirmed their attendance but come the event are the ones not present. I just wished that these people would just turn down an invitation on-the-spot rather than confirm and when the event comes will make endless excuses of their non-appearance. I just don't find this attitude right and I think people like this are nothing but disgusting. Despite endless excuses, the underlying reason is still laziness. Well anyway, I was sort of happy because despite "no shows" there are still people who attended my celebration. Rest-assured that I'll treasure these people and I'll return the favor to them. "No shows" are already a part of the filipino culture and I dread the day when we'll already learn to observe etiquettes during invitations for whatever parties/celebrations.

The second is the "booze". Since this is not a children's party (though some of your guests are still children at heart), ever flowing booze is a must in any adult birthday celebration. I had light beers and a jack daniel's with bailey's to chill in the house. This is the only celebration that I had where my tolerance to alcohol went above the bar. In as much as I want to control my intake of alcohol, it left me with no choice but just to gulp and drink. Since I only had a few guests who drink, and booze are a-flow. By the way, I also had bottomless iced-tea for my guests who don't drink.

The third is the ever-popular "videoke". I must admit that I am a videoke fan but I am not the addicted type. Our neighborhood has tons of daily, nightly sessions with a videoke. Blame it on "singing contest ala reality shows" for the videoke. Funny belting, out-of-tune, provincial accents, name it the videoke doesn't choose any target audience. You'll be in the ice age if this is not present in your birthday bash. The videoke is one-solid entertainment packed. Who would not want to hear a colleague belt out a song and turn out out of tune? Or be surprised at a colleague who has the pipes but needs to warm-up with booze to boost the confidence and grab the mic to sing?

Well, all-in-all I had a blast celebrating my birthday. I may have only a few guests but I enjoyed the day.

Friday, October 28, 2005

My Chemical Romance

Being an internet-addict myself, I learned to make use and fully-utilize the dsl internet connection at home. One of the most satisfying and addicting things that you can do with a dsl connection at home is to download using a peer-to-peer file-sharing application. Thank goodness that P2P file-sharing is not sanctioned yet here unlike in the US where downloading and file-sharing is a crime against copyright laws. I've had numerous albums, applications, softwares that I was able to download using this P2P applications. But I must re-iterate that I have these for personal use only and I do not intend to copy and sell these downloads for profit.

One of the albums I downloaded that surprised me was My Chemical Romance's, "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge". I have seen the video for "Helena" a couple of times in music video channels but it didn't really appeal to me first "sound-wise". Though, they had done a creepy and eye-catching vid for that one. It wasn't until "the Ghost of You" that made me like this band and search their album for download. What really surprised me was that the creepiness and goth they personify wasn't really that much shown in the entire album. The album is a cross between, pop and punk-rock. At first, I thought it was another NIN or Marilyn Manson type of music but it wasn't. All-in-all, I gave it 3 start out of 5 but because I really am not a fan of punk-rock. Though I must admit that I never get tired of listening to "the Ghost of You".

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Zorro's siblings

Just three weeks after zorro died, coco, his last partner gave birth this morning. Coco gave birth to three litters, unfortunately, two died and only one remained. My mom was in a way, kinda happy since there is already a replacement for zorro. Let's just hope that this dog will survive so that in a way, zorro's legacy will live on...

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Sony Ericsson k750i

It took me ages before I had to replace my handphone, my nokia 3530. Had this one for more than three years given to me by my brother. I never really intended to have it replaced with the latest and high-tech (and usually very expensive) models given the fact that mobile phone theft and even more serious crimes arise due to this expensive gadgets. It took me three years and one-BPI installment madness to finally have the impulse to buy this phone. Drums rolling...the sony ericsson k750i.

I must admit that I just bought this one out of impulse. And I must admit also that I really like this model and unit, feature-wise and look-wise. A camera phone with 2 Megapixel camera with 4x zoom, an external memory that can be upgradeable, an mp3 player, a radio, bluetooth enabled for wireless transfer, etc.

This phone and my mp3 player are what I consider my most-valuable material possessions. I never leave home without them.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

In memoriam of our beloved "Zorro"

Yesterday was one of the saddest events of my life. The reason being the untimely death of my beloved pet dog. This dog has been with us for the last three years. He has been like an addition to the family, like almost a child pampered and giving us the bundle of joy, most especially to my parents to whom he must have spent most of my lifetime. "Zorro" died an untimely and tragic death, almost leaving us completely shocked and saddened. He was a victim of hit and run, during a normal day when he is being strolled around routinely every morning to relieve himself, towed by my father. With yesterday being different as his lifeless body is cradled by my dad on the way home. I could still see him struggling with his remaining breath as he was laid down on the floor. My mom cried deeply saddened to see that his youngest lying lifelessly. My father was shocked as if he wants to cry but he cannot. My heart broke. I wrapped him in the towel that we used to dry him with together with the towel my mom used in order to have him completely wrapped. He was buried in my aunt’s house’s vacant lot; it was from my aunt’s place that this creature that we’ll use to love was born.

Gone are the days when this playful dog would play catch ball when you throw it and he'll fetch and bring it back to you, gone are the days also when he would sit in front of the refrigerator as if telling you he wants cold water, gone are the days when I watch TV in the living room and he'll sit beside me with his hand scratching me to signal that he wants to have his chin and throat area scratched by my hand, gone are the days when he'll jump by the bed and lay beside you as if he wants to show how grateful and thankful he is to his "older brother", Gone are the days when every Sunday morning I’ll give him a bath, usually anytime between the hours of 11:00 am – 12:00 pm. Yes! these are just some of the things he does and he does it effortlessly in order to please us, not as masters but as part of the family. And yes, yesterday was very different because the usual sight we see is no longer with us. And we are deeply saddened and mourning over his sudden and untimely demise.

We miss you Zorro! You will never be replaced. I know right now you are already in heaven. I know you have a soul. Thanks very much for keeping us happy for the past three years, and may God bless and keep you...

In memoriam of our beloved "Zorro"...

Thursday, August 25, 2005

The man who sold the world

Recently this song just comes popping in my head. It's like I can hear the verse over and over inside my head, though I never outwardly sing it. This verse, "...who knows, not me, we never sold the world...to face, to face, the man who sold the world..." Pardon if I got the lyrics wrong coz I never really seen the lyrics of this song. It's exactly how I hear it. I first heard this song from Nirvana (Kurt Cobain, bless his soul) who covered this song during their MTV unplugged version of it. Most recently with Jordis from Rockstar:Inxs which was actually a moving version ~ it really makes me want to hear the original but unfortunately we don't have a CD of David Bowie around.

Come rockstar:inxs, tonight's show was well, "not really a fantastic one". Except for suzie who did a nice cover of the Rolling Stone's "you step me up", the rest just didn't really step-up even MiG, Marty and Jordis ~ who by the way absolutely sucked today coz of really not reaching the note to a very difficult song and it was very obvious. For an original song, I give deanna the thumbs-up more than MiG's composition. I really would want to see Jordis do a cover of Pink's "Just like a Pill", I can really see a resemblance between the two: from the looks to the voice. I really like Ty to go next bcoz in any angle, I cannot really see him fit to front Inxs. He even sang a soul song tonight, this guy needs to get the boot.

~ With tons of new electronic gadgets around more particularly the mobile phone which is really fast becoming high-tech. I just really wonder why more and more people especially the working class would splurge a huge amount of money for such gadgets, and buy and replace their units everytime a new one arrives. I have a mobile phone and it would really take me ages to replace it when all I really care about it is to SMS and do voice calls. Does that make me a "no-techie" or "non-techie savvy" or am I just being outright practical? I just wonder how these people would invest on such gadgets at the price already of one personal computer? Hmmm.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Weird and unexplainable death

Just last week a neighbor (but really not an acquiantance-type of neighbor) happen to have passed away a day after his mother died. The death still remains a mystery. It just so happens that he and his aged mother are the only ones living together. Initially, I thought that the cause of death was really due to depression and eventually suicide brought about by the death of his aging mom the day before, rumors hounding around says that the autopsy reports was really due to shock caused by fear.

During their wake, not much relatives came. And it was really forced to have the relatives attend the last night of the wake "lamay" and the burial rites "cremation" the next day. It was really the chairman in our barangay who took care of everything. Even the ashes after cremation were not brought home by the relatives, instead was placed by the chairman in the already empty house that our neighbor and his mom shared.

God Bless the soul of Nick and his mom.

Special Installment Plans, Flat Screen TVs, and a Credit Card

Just went to the Glorietta activity center last night with 2 officemates. We were about to scout for cool new appliances and electronic gears since there is a Special Installment Madness goin'-on in there. I was salivating over the flat screen television sets on disply but I was really controlling myself from purchasing one. At the back of my mind it says, "Jiggy, it's not needed" ~ I had all the temptations to buy with a good credit standing of my current credit card. Unfortunately, my officemate purchased one riding on my credit card instead of me making that purchase.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Visa Talk

The title of this blog coincides with the thread present in Pinoyexchange about different countries requiring Visa. One of the hottest topics here is for the US Visa. Different scenarios written regarding their ordeals with getting a US Visa…from the kindest of consuls to the bitchiest (heard of the Korean?), from the anger stemming from getting denied issuance, to the joy and pleasantry (at last feeling) of being issued one. I can also remember one thread poster who shot like, “why the hell does everybody want to go to the US and would even kill to raise an amount for getting a US Visa?” Where he continues, “in reality there are other places much more pleasant to visit than the US?”. Seeing that statement made me wonder, what is it really that people would do everything just to get a US Visa?

I must admit that the US Visa bug is also biting me, but frankly speaking, I would not splurge huge amount of money just to get one. Three reasons why I want one are: (1) To visit relatives, (2) To feel snow which obviously we don’t have, (3) Experiencing the thrill of how may hours or so at the airplane (in short,
long air travels). The last two reasons maybe shallow, but they are just that.

My parents have been doing things like taking care of requirements this past week before applying for a tourist visa. Of course, I want (and I will) tag along. Just wish us luck! I’ll keep posts of progression in my blog for this one.


I’ve just followed this show the past week and this week. I really wasn’t able to catch the pilot episode but what can I say? It really rocks! I’ve been a fan of reality TV shows especially the music inclined ones (like American Idol). The talents in this reality show are just great. Compared to American idol which is like somewhat amateurish and more concerned with hitting the notes of the song, this show has a lot of professional performers or entertainers, who would really have to get the crowd working and rock on. They know how to entertain and work the crowd. I just have a problem with the winner being the lead singer of the old, old band INXS. Hey, I have nothing about INXS but they were popular during the 80s (and my eldest bro's one of his favorite bands) but I think it would be better to have the concept of just finding a rockstar, not for a band just looking for a lead singer. I’ve read from other posts that the following contestant rockers will definitely be the ones battling out for the title: Jordis, Mig, Ty, Marty. But I think it’ll really end up to Mig, Marty, Jordis, JD. With the first two battling it out. If I could choose who among them is right, it’ll either be Mig or JD. I think it’s best for either of the two since they are just the ones belting out classic rock tunes rather than the rest I mentioned which goes for the more modern rock tunes. And their age would just blend in with the rest of INXS which are in their 50s already. I have yet to catch earlier performances of the rockers in MSN, just as to take a look at the contestant’s performances more notably, Marty, Mig, Jordis. I’ve been reading that all were good especially marty who’s showing a lot of potential to be the big winner. But am rooting more for Mig since he’s also good and he’s a pinoy, though raised in Australia. More blogs to come from me on this show.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Stormy the whole week

I never could imagine that I haven’t actually seen the sun shine for the past two weeks. Just right now, the weather’s mad and it’s raining…raining…raining. There are two storms developing and might hit Manila anytime soon.

Oh well! Life goes on the usual, with or without rain or when the weather’s stormy. The working class would still drag their **ses to work, rather than being blissful in sleep…taking advantage of the stormy cool climate.

One good thing that I like about going-out on weather like that is to wear long-sleeved upper garments. I had one, passed-on to me by my eldest bro. It’s a nautica gray sweat-shirt type but really not a sweat-shirt. It’s a long-sleeved shirt. I like wearing those coz it makes me look like I have a nice frame given that in reality, I have a very lean frame. I cannot wear this during hot or sunny days as this will make me sweat a lot if I did it.

Oh well! The usual scenarios when it rains, the hassles of traffic. It’s a Friday today and I expect that the traffic here in the business district will be hellish come day-end.

Monday, August 08, 2005

of a Stormy Sunday Afternoon and SM City San Lazaro

I just couldn't believe that tomorrow is going to be Monday again. After almost a week of not being able to report for work due to a flu that caught me, It's basically would be hard to wake up again for work tomorrow given this very unfriendly and "lazy-season" weather wherein you would just want to sleep, sleep, sleep siezing the "colder" climate opportunity. Oh well, it's gonna be hard to drag my **s to work again tomorrow.

Things that I normally do on a Sunday: wake up, do the dishes, bathe the dog, clean this messy room, get a haircut (though as of this writing, am still contemplating on whether or not I should get a haircut), go to church, then sleep. Add to that the usual everyday routine of logging into the internet at home (hep-hep-i just do this at home, ok!). In as much as I am tempted to take a nap to sieze the cool weather, I am just gonna have to reserve this one for me to be able to sleep earlier tonight.

Suddenly, our place has been cool because of a newly opened SM mall nearby . Practically, it's just a stone's throw away (that is if you are a javelin expert or an athlete that can throw a a few meters away-got ya on that one :-) . I mean you could walk for 5 minutes and you're there. Though it caused a minor traffic specially during weekends where the place basically becomes a favorite family hang-out (to shop or not-to-shop, or to just stroll around). Damn this malls more particularly SM that just sprouts like mushrooms from out of nowhere. I never realized that Mr. Henry Sy would convert a former horse racing track and stable into a mall. Well, the place is still cozy and shops aplenty. And I admire the huge grocery shop at the basement. Many activities for young kids and young adults alike. I still enjoy the place becuase it's still new but in a year or so after, I don't know. It's hard to tell when the "sawa" factor will hit. I enjoy SM City SL because some of my favorite restos and food booths are there: yellow cab, chef 'd angelo, mc donald's, go nuts donuts (which never runs out of people queueing), etc. etc. but there is no trace of starbucks coffee. Hmmm! I guess, in the future, they'll consider putting-up one.

Though they say the place has many, "magnas" and "mandus", well, am pretty familiar with that and i trust that there are tons of security guards in uniform or in civilian roaming around the vicinity. If you are not familiar with the term, I was able to get that from pinoyexchange, Magnas - magananakaws, Mandus - mandurukots...hehehe. If you happen to plan to drop by, "konting listo lang mga tsong"!

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Video Music Awards 2005, of Green Day-Gwen-Kelly

I have read somewhere in the Internet that my favorite group, Green day, is a big contender for this year's VMAs. Alongside Gwen Stefani and Kelly Clarkson, the two blondes (so-called musician fantasies of mine...hehehe...shhhh!!!). I happen to watch the VMAs every year eversince the grunge days, but was frustrated also each year when in each show there are some years infested by hip-hop and black music. When the VMA is just full of Hip-hop and 50 cents and snoop doggs and various craps, I just didn't watch it anymore. But this coming VMA, I think am gonna catch it. The only shitty thing is that it's not simulcast with the live event, here in our area. It's gonna be way delayed when it's shown here in the PI.

Why do I like the artists that I mentioned above? Green day is just an awesome band. Eversince the first album hit it out circa '95, I liked them. I really don't give a crap about punk or cartoon pop. But Green Day is cool. There's something about Gwen Stefani that is mystifying. I like No Doubt and I think that Gwen is one of the coolest female band singers around. I don't like her solo effort and honestly I don't like her voice, but I like her image. She's like Madonna always re-inventing herself which makes her interesting, and she's cute too and sexy. Kelly Clarkson has an awesome voice. I never watched the first two seasons of american idol but given the mp3s i got of her performances in american idol (my actual fave is her rendition of Foreigner's "Without You"), this girl has the pipes plus she's a cutie. I have the album, Breakaway, and Ms. clarkson, please release "Because of You" as your next single/vid. If I was a video director, I would have created one for you already for this song. This is the best cut in your album.

2 b a Techie Writer in Taiwan?

I just happen to reply to an ad for a job vacancy for Asus (computers) for the Technical Writer post in their Taiwan office. It had me bugging google about the place for facts or other infos. I really have no friends or relatives in the place which makes me second-thought about sending my CV, but I did anyway considering that opportunity like this in this profession is very seldom or never really happens. I received an email from them the next day after sending my CV containing questionnaires that I have to answer which is an SOP to them before they could set an invitation for an interview. In the latter part, it goes like how do I feel if I would be working in China, and it goes like: 1 Very willing, 2 willing, 3 willing but with reservations, 4 not willing. Initially I thought of choosing 2 or 3, with the latter being my first choice since I mentioned the reason above. But I chose 2 instead. Haven't heard from them yet. Hopefully, I'll get a response whether I am considered or not.


Before my brother got us one here at home which was bought in Singapore, I haven't even touched a playstation in my life prior to having this one. And what can I say, but it had me converted into a fan of gaming. The xbox is a cool gaming device. I really like the video resolution and the games (well, not really all but some only). Among my fave is an RPG game called Xmen Legends; Halo - which is actually in my opinion patterned to counter strike; Burnout - car racing, Dead or Alive - ultimate. The most played game of mine is the Xmen Legends - since am a fan of the cartoon series. At first, it's really hard to play the game but as you progress and move forward with the game, you will find it enjoying and addicting especially if you ended a course and you unlock a new character that you can add to the team. Halo is actually a simulation game that teaches you to aim and shoot, and shoot enemies or just about anything that comes in your way! :) Burnout is a typical car racing game but with different twists, Dead or Alive - which by the way is the first game I played here - is a molding of different martial arts and wrestling characters that will battle each out for the ultimate title. I really don't know much technicalities of the xbox but I think the old models are cheaper now since a new model of xbox has just been commercially released. I just wonder why the newer version is called xbox 360 (degree?)

And by the way, my nephews are way too good than me in playing these xbox games.

It's been a while since my last post

Well, welcome back to my world. What the heck is inside jiggy's mind lately? Anyway, I am sieging this opportunity for me to write down in this blog since I am free from everything...from cares, to work and what have you's....

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

American Idol

Corny as it may seem but I must admit that I follow this show. I dunno if it is singing or simon's rude and funny comments that made me watch the show. But i must admit i get to listen to songs that i do not really know of because of the show. It was only during the 3rd season that I started following the show due to the presence of two Fil-Ams in the finals. Right now, in the 4th season, I am really not that excited as was the 3rd season, but I still watch it. My prediction to win this competition will be Bo bice (for being fresh & unique - hey, they still don't have a rock star american idol), Anwar Robinson (nice but not really great voice but he's rather getting a bit boring), Nadia Turner (good voice but tends to get Over Acting during performance), or Vonzell Solomon (great performer and voice but am not liking another african-american idol). Scott Savol is also good but his image is rather not really a pop star material, Carrie Underwood (such a pretty, ok voice but really overhyped-think of female Anwar). The rest are forgettable. Let's just see if who I listed are the ones in the Top 5. There are still 9 to purge before the next american idol is crowned.

College and High School batch mates

Just recently i was invited to join a groupmail of my batchmates in MIT batch '93 Industrial Engineering class. I dunno but I somehow feel like it's much too easier for me to relate to my High School batch mates as compared to my college batchmates. The advantage of getting acquainted with your High School batchmates is that there is lesser competition as compared to your College mates. Sometimes, you tend to wonder why better opportunities came to your other college acquaintances given that you took the same course in the same school, etc. etc. Well maybe they just went with the better companies. I have yet to search for that company who will do the same for me. I know it is just around the corner...hehehehe. I must admit that I was not really the known person in class way back in college, as compared to when I was in High School.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Teambuilding in Subic

The week before, I joined my co-employees for a team-building sessions in subic bay freeport zone. It was fun coz it was really the first time that me and my officemates are sheltered in one roof for 4-days and 3-nights. It was fun, wacky, dramatic, and scary. I really like the staff house we lived at. It was cozy, comfortable, but haunted (?). The staff house is an remodeled ranking-officer's home way when subic was still owned by the US Navy, rumors has it that the house a block away from where we stayed was haunted by that ghost of an african-american man. Well, some of the officemates can attest that they experienced it, but not me. I liked the ambiance and environment in subic but truth be told, I wasn't thrilled by it anymore. It still has the same sights as compared to the last time i was there, with not much changes. Well, had been there a number of times years back. And the beach, well, it still is clean but itchy. I dunno what about the seawater there that is itchy. Maybe it's slowly getting polluted? Well a plus factor to subic will be the ocean adventure park. It has sealion shows, whale & dolphin shows, and an aquarium. It is surely a treat for kids but ticket prices are really expensive. But the good thing is that the park is well maintained and clean. Hope it'll still be the same the next time i go there.


Of all the terrible pain I have encountered in my entire life, this maybe considered as one of the worst. A throbbing and terrible pain that already affected half of my face. Haven't had a goodnight's rest for 2 successive nights, and I wasn't able to report for work for 1-1/2 days. And what's worst is that I have to go to a client site bearing this, it was really awful. A bad thing about toothaches is that your dentist won't take care of it if the pain is still present. So i had to combat the pain with a mixture of antibiotics and pain killers. I was given a week before return and hopefully the terrible pain has already subsided. I am on my fourth day of taking antibiotics and there is still 3-days to go. Have had hot flashes last night up to this morning. Have to take soft foods (liquid foods) since chewing was really a no-no in this situation. A good thing is that now, as I am writing this blog, the pain has already subsided in the absence of pain killers. I had stopped my intake of pain killers as i feel that i'll be reliant to this drug and my tolerance to pain will be minimal.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

MP3 Overload...

The benefits of having a DSL connection to me, really is information overload and unlimited downloads. I must admit that "moi" is a sucker for mp3's. Rather than buying expensive CDs. At least, if I am completely through or over the CD, it wouldn't hurt in the pocket if you just have an MP3, to feed into my compact MP3 player and erase it whenever I am over ("sawa na") with the song. My MP3 player is my constant companion, I can have it with me wherever and play it in whatever mood I may be.

Current faves: Jesus of Suburbia by Green Day, Rich Girl by Gwen Stefani, Diary by Alicia Keys, On the Way Down by Ryan Cabrera, Since U been Gone by Kelly Clarkson.

I must admit, I dig different types of music...and the hell I care if it be the "corniest" tune on earth. I like Jesus of Suburbia, and must I say that Billy Joe is one hell of an incohesive (but with a substance-type of) poet. With reference to religion and drug abuse, with these lines:

"I'm the son of rage and love,The Jesus of suburbia,From the bible of "none of the above",On a steady diet of soda pop and ritalin,No one ever died for my sins in hell,As far as I can tell,At least the ones I got away with."

Rich Girl is catchy with amalgamation of ska, pop & rap, that is effective and proves that Gwen is really not just a "one-trick pony". She's effective with this song but the rest of the songs in her album doesn't really much appeal to me. I just like the vibe and grooviness in this song...It's like Austin Powers sayin', "goooove me baaabbbbyyyy!"

Diary is so, soooo smooth. I dunno about the song but it has that vibe that is soothing and addictive that only a talent like Ms. Alicia Keys can pull-of. She has my respect, lest she gets too boring in the future. To me, she's like the female version of Earth, Wind & Fire in terms of vibe and smoothness.

On the way down is catchy. I happen to watch a live performance of it in TRL and it was really, really good live. I wish i could download a live and raw (non-acoustic) version of this song in MP3.

Since you been gone is also catchy. I like the video though. That's why i downloaded the song. Kelly Clarkson is really, really good to watch in this video, she can also act and deliver the video effectively as the song. She can be a good actress. There's this natural and effective acting she does for the vid of this song.

To watch videos of the songs (even live), go to mtv.com.

Computer Virus

How on earth did my PC at home got infected by a Backdoor Virus in the presence of an updated anti-virus software and a personal firewall? This is the second time that my PC got infected by the Trojan backdoor virus, which causes my PC to automatically shutdown by itself. The last time my PC had the virus, it left me with no choice but to re-format the system. I don't want to go through the hassles of re-formatting and installing programs again. And so, I am searching a much reliable anti-virus that can quarantine and delete the entire virus from the system. As far as what my present anti-virus program does, was just to "heal" the infected file. I dunno what exactly heal means, and i presume that will already stop my PC from shutting down by itself for the meantime.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Saturday's supposed to be a day of rest(?)

Rather than spending the entire saturday resting & relaxing, I had mine spent cleaning my room and taking care of the dsl connection at home (read: my first encountered problem with my newly activated dsl service at home). I didn't even had the chance to touch the remote to watch good cable tv.

First task: clean my room.
It has been ages since I last did this task. I usually do this routine once-in-a-month, but the last time I had a major cleaning was since November (or was it December) of last year?. Cleaning my room is tantamount to me having allergic rhinitis attacks. I am allergic to crumpled dusts and I hate it. It makes me itchy and later on suffer from colds, itchy throat, watery eyes. I hate it when I have allergic rhinitis, I feel like my body resistance to diseases weakens everytime I have it. Good thing today that I didn't have an allergic rhinitis attack, was it because there were fewer dirt & dust in my room?

Second task: clean the room blinds.
I only have two panels(?) of blinds covering my window. Man, it's so very hard to clean. It took a ***t load of my time, more than what I spent to apply liquid wax on my floor. I've had it cleaned in about the same time as last year when we have an aunt & uncle came to visit us from the States, and I have to offer my room for them to stay in. To make it like super clean-I had to spray it with H2O & soap and let it hang outside to dry. I already had it installed and it's like it's sparkling clean and new...I wonder how long it will take for the blinds to look ****ty again.

Third task: take care of my dsl cabling.
I had to purchase a long phone line cable about 14 meters long in order for me connect my modem to the phone terminal box. Add the fact that I had to fasten the cable to the wall & cieling going to my room (to the PC). By the way, I did this in almost 3 hours time and shall I say that I was pleased with the results. Now I don't need to have the cable lying on the floor everytime I connect to the internet, until somebody trips on it and have my modem fall to the ground and break again. Due to this, I was able to take a a bath at 11:30 pm and had my dinner at 12:00 mn.

Milestones for today:
- I taught my mom to use free email
- I successfully installed "eMule" as my file sharing application (P2P)-but unfortunately, most of the downloads I had requires me to either have a codec, or requires me to purchase a license.
- I just found out about skype-I still have to test if it really works as a VoIP program (a la softphone).

Just thoughts:
" why does lindsay lohan look like frankie muniz?"<-- are they identical twins?
booze of the day: smirnoff mule, vodka cruiser
booze if not enough dough: san miguel light
booze if no dough & desperate enough: ginebra san miguel (bilog ang mundo)
bozee if totally no dough: namputsa naman...wag na uminom kasi...itulog na lang yan!

Saturday, February 05, 2005

trippin' in front of the webcam Posted by Hello

Friday, February 04, 2005

first time to blog

Ehem! Excuse me sirs & madams. This is the first time that i am gonna be doing an online journal. I exactly do not know how fun this is or until how long am gonna be doing this ***t. I am hoping that my readers will dig whatever i am gonna be posting here. I really think that my routinely life is a bore for me to post any new stuff. But baby, this might be an avenue for me to hone my writing skills.

First stuff, I am thrilled to have a dsl connection at home. Just got wired thru pldt. Well, i have a feeling that my computer at home and me will be having a good relationship, with the broadband internet being my new toy. hehehe! For how long or as to how I am going to utilize my computer and internet, these things keep flashing in my head (downloads, downloads, downloads, mpeg...mp3s, vids , clips, etc, etc...).

Second stuff, Had my work place (desk) arranged and cleaned up for my new flatscreen monitor. I never realized that I had tons of ***t load in my desk and when it got cleaned-up, it makes you feel like it's easier working with a more arranged and neat desk.

Third Stuff, visa application (US Tourist). God, I've heard from an officemate while we were having a tete-a-tete over afternoon break at Jollibee. He's got a 10-year multiple entry tourist/business visa to the US, and told me that there is a system in the US embassy wherein they have to raffle applications and those that will be luckily picked will be granted a US Visa on the spot without even being interviewed. Given the rate of those applications that are denied...I can't help to let myself believe that it really must have been the system in the US Embassy. I am hoping that when we apply, may the Good Lord get our applications picked-up during the raffle...

Fourth Stuff, it's a friday and "gimik" day for most young professionals. I dunno if I am gonna be having a gimik tonight but I do feel like watching "Meet the Fockers" in Glorietta. I also would like to get me some "booze". Let's just see if i can do both or one of them.