Monday, August 08, 2005

of a Stormy Sunday Afternoon and SM City San Lazaro

I just couldn't believe that tomorrow is going to be Monday again. After almost a week of not being able to report for work due to a flu that caught me, It's basically would be hard to wake up again for work tomorrow given this very unfriendly and "lazy-season" weather wherein you would just want to sleep, sleep, sleep siezing the "colder" climate opportunity. Oh well, it's gonna be hard to drag my **s to work again tomorrow.

Things that I normally do on a Sunday: wake up, do the dishes, bathe the dog, clean this messy room, get a haircut (though as of this writing, am still contemplating on whether or not I should get a haircut), go to church, then sleep. Add to that the usual everyday routine of logging into the internet at home (hep-hep-i just do this at home, ok!). In as much as I am tempted to take a nap to sieze the cool weather, I am just gonna have to reserve this one for me to be able to sleep earlier tonight.

Suddenly, our place has been cool because of a newly opened SM mall nearby . Practically, it's just a stone's throw away (that is if you are a javelin expert or an athlete that can throw a a few meters away-got ya on that one :-) . I mean you could walk for 5 minutes and you're there. Though it caused a minor traffic specially during weekends where the place basically becomes a favorite family hang-out (to shop or not-to-shop, or to just stroll around). Damn this malls more particularly SM that just sprouts like mushrooms from out of nowhere. I never realized that Mr. Henry Sy would convert a former horse racing track and stable into a mall. Well, the place is still cozy and shops aplenty. And I admire the huge grocery shop at the basement. Many activities for young kids and young adults alike. I still enjoy the place becuase it's still new but in a year or so after, I don't know. It's hard to tell when the "sawa" factor will hit. I enjoy SM City SL because some of my favorite restos and food booths are there: yellow cab, chef 'd angelo, mc donald's, go nuts donuts (which never runs out of people queueing), etc. etc. but there is no trace of starbucks coffee. Hmmm! I guess, in the future, they'll consider putting-up one.

Though they say the place has many, "magnas" and "mandus", well, am pretty familiar with that and i trust that there are tons of security guards in uniform or in civilian roaming around the vicinity. If you are not familiar with the term, I was able to get that from pinoyexchange, Magnas - magananakaws, Mandus - mandurukots...hehehe. If you happen to plan to drop by, "konting listo lang mga tsong"!

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