Saturday, August 13, 2005


I’ve just followed this show the past week and this week. I really wasn’t able to catch the pilot episode but what can I say? It really rocks! I’ve been a fan of reality TV shows especially the music inclined ones (like American Idol). The talents in this reality show are just great. Compared to American idol which is like somewhat amateurish and more concerned with hitting the notes of the song, this show has a lot of professional performers or entertainers, who would really have to get the crowd working and rock on. They know how to entertain and work the crowd. I just have a problem with the winner being the lead singer of the old, old band INXS. Hey, I have nothing about INXS but they were popular during the 80s (and my eldest bro's one of his favorite bands) but I think it would be better to have the concept of just finding a rockstar, not for a band just looking for a lead singer. I’ve read from other posts that the following contestant rockers will definitely be the ones battling out for the title: Jordis, Mig, Ty, Marty. But I think it’ll really end up to Mig, Marty, Jordis, JD. With the first two battling it out. If I could choose who among them is right, it’ll either be Mig or JD. I think it’s best for either of the two since they are just the ones belting out classic rock tunes rather than the rest I mentioned which goes for the more modern rock tunes. And their age would just blend in with the rest of INXS which are in their 50s already. I have yet to catch earlier performances of the rockers in MSN, just as to take a look at the contestant’s performances more notably, Marty, Mig, Jordis. I’ve been reading that all were good especially marty who’s showing a lot of potential to be the big winner. But am rooting more for Mig since he’s also good and he’s a pinoy, though raised in Australia. More blogs to come from me on this show.

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