Friday, August 12, 2005

Stormy the whole week

I never could imagine that I haven’t actually seen the sun shine for the past two weeks. Just right now, the weather’s mad and it’s raining…raining…raining. There are two storms developing and might hit Manila anytime soon.

Oh well! Life goes on the usual, with or without rain or when the weather’s stormy. The working class would still drag their **ses to work, rather than being blissful in sleep…taking advantage of the stormy cool climate.

One good thing that I like about going-out on weather like that is to wear long-sleeved upper garments. I had one, passed-on to me by my eldest bro. It’s a nautica gray sweat-shirt type but really not a sweat-shirt. It’s a long-sleeved shirt. I like wearing those coz it makes me look like I have a nice frame given that in reality, I have a very lean frame. I cannot wear this during hot or sunny days as this will make me sweat a lot if I did it.

Oh well! The usual scenarios when it rains, the hassles of traffic. It’s a Friday today and I expect that the traffic here in the business district will be hellish come day-end.

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