Sunday, August 07, 2005


Before my brother got us one here at home which was bought in Singapore, I haven't even touched a playstation in my life prior to having this one. And what can I say, but it had me converted into a fan of gaming. The xbox is a cool gaming device. I really like the video resolution and the games (well, not really all but some only). Among my fave is an RPG game called Xmen Legends; Halo - which is actually in my opinion patterned to counter strike; Burnout - car racing, Dead or Alive - ultimate. The most played game of mine is the Xmen Legends - since am a fan of the cartoon series. At first, it's really hard to play the game but as you progress and move forward with the game, you will find it enjoying and addicting especially if you ended a course and you unlock a new character that you can add to the team. Halo is actually a simulation game that teaches you to aim and shoot, and shoot enemies or just about anything that comes in your way! :) Burnout is a typical car racing game but with different twists, Dead or Alive - which by the way is the first game I played here - is a molding of different martial arts and wrestling characters that will battle each out for the ultimate title. I really don't know much technicalities of the xbox but I think the old models are cheaper now since a new model of xbox has just been commercially released. I just wonder why the newer version is called xbox 360 (degree?)

And by the way, my nephews are way too good than me in playing these xbox games.

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