Thursday, August 25, 2005

The man who sold the world

Recently this song just comes popping in my head. It's like I can hear the verse over and over inside my head, though I never outwardly sing it. This verse, "...who knows, not me, we never sold the face, to face, the man who sold the world..." Pardon if I got the lyrics wrong coz I never really seen the lyrics of this song. It's exactly how I hear it. I first heard this song from Nirvana (Kurt Cobain, bless his soul) who covered this song during their MTV unplugged version of it. Most recently with Jordis from Rockstar:Inxs which was actually a moving version ~ it really makes me want to hear the original but unfortunately we don't have a CD of David Bowie around.

Come rockstar:inxs, tonight's show was well, "not really a fantastic one". Except for suzie who did a nice cover of the Rolling Stone's "you step me up", the rest just didn't really step-up even MiG, Marty and Jordis ~ who by the way absolutely sucked today coz of really not reaching the note to a very difficult song and it was very obvious. For an original song, I give deanna the thumbs-up more than MiG's composition. I really would want to see Jordis do a cover of Pink's "Just like a Pill", I can really see a resemblance between the two: from the looks to the voice. I really like Ty to go next bcoz in any angle, I cannot really see him fit to front Inxs. He even sang a soul song tonight, this guy needs to get the boot.

~ With tons of new electronic gadgets around more particularly the mobile phone which is really fast becoming high-tech. I just really wonder why more and more people especially the working class would splurge a huge amount of money for such gadgets, and buy and replace their units everytime a new one arrives. I have a mobile phone and it would really take me ages to replace it when all I really care about it is to SMS and do voice calls. Does that make me a "no-techie" or "non-techie savvy" or am I just being outright practical? I just wonder how these people would invest on such gadgets at the price already of one personal computer? Hmmm.

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