Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Weird and unexplainable death

Just last week a neighbor (but really not an acquiantance-type of neighbor) happen to have passed away a day after his mother died. The death still remains a mystery. It just so happens that he and his aged mother are the only ones living together. Initially, I thought that the cause of death was really due to depression and eventually suicide brought about by the death of his aging mom the day before, rumors hounding around says that the autopsy reports was really due to shock caused by fear.

During their wake, not much relatives came. And it was really forced to have the relatives attend the last night of the wake "lamay" and the burial rites "cremation" the next day. It was really the chairman in our barangay who took care of everything. Even the ashes after cremation were not brought home by the relatives, instead was placed by the chairman in the already empty house that our neighbor and his mom shared.

God Bless the soul of Nick and his mom.

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