Saturday, August 13, 2005

Visa Talk

The title of this blog coincides with the thread present in Pinoyexchange about different countries requiring Visa. One of the hottest topics here is for the US Visa. Different scenarios written regarding their ordeals with getting a US Visa…from the kindest of consuls to the bitchiest (heard of the Korean?), from the anger stemming from getting denied issuance, to the joy and pleasantry (at last feeling) of being issued one. I can also remember one thread poster who shot like, “why the hell does everybody want to go to the US and would even kill to raise an amount for getting a US Visa?” Where he continues, “in reality there are other places much more pleasant to visit than the US?”. Seeing that statement made me wonder, what is it really that people would do everything just to get a US Visa?

I must admit that the US Visa bug is also biting me, but frankly speaking, I would not splurge huge amount of money just to get one. Three reasons why I want one are: (1) To visit relatives, (2) To feel snow which obviously we don’t have, (3) Experiencing the thrill of how may hours or so at the airplane (in short,
long air travels). The last two reasons maybe shallow, but they are just that.

My parents have been doing things like taking care of requirements this past week before applying for a tourist visa. Of course, I want (and I will) tag along. Just wish us luck! I’ll keep posts of progression in my blog for this one.

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