Sunday, August 07, 2005

2 b a Techie Writer in Taiwan?

I just happen to reply to an ad for a job vacancy for Asus (computers) for the Technical Writer post in their Taiwan office. It had me bugging google about the place for facts or other infos. I really have no friends or relatives in the place which makes me second-thought about sending my CV, but I did anyway considering that opportunity like this in this profession is very seldom or never really happens. I received an email from them the next day after sending my CV containing questionnaires that I have to answer which is an SOP to them before they could set an invitation for an interview. In the latter part, it goes like how do I feel if I would be working in China, and it goes like: 1 Very willing, 2 willing, 3 willing but with reservations, 4 not willing. Initially I thought of choosing 2 or 3, with the latter being my first choice since I mentioned the reason above. But I chose 2 instead. Haven't heard from them yet. Hopefully, I'll get a response whether I am considered or not.

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