Tuesday, March 29, 2005

American Idol

Corny as it may seem but I must admit that I follow this show. I dunno if it is singing or simon's rude and funny comments that made me watch the show. But i must admit i get to listen to songs that i do not really know of because of the show. It was only during the 3rd season that I started following the show due to the presence of two Fil-Ams in the finals. Right now, in the 4th season, I am really not that excited as was the 3rd season, but I still watch it. My prediction to win this competition will be Bo bice (for being fresh & unique - hey, they still don't have a rock star american idol), Anwar Robinson (nice but not really great voice but he's rather getting a bit boring), Nadia Turner (good voice but tends to get Over Acting during performance), or Vonzell Solomon (great performer and voice but am not liking another african-american idol). Scott Savol is also good but his image is rather not really a pop star material, Carrie Underwood (such a pretty, ok voice but really overhyped-think of female Anwar). The rest are forgettable. Let's just see if who I listed are the ones in the Top 5. There are still 9 to purge before the next american idol is crowned.

College and High School batch mates

Just recently i was invited to join a groupmail of my batchmates in MIT batch '93 Industrial Engineering class. I dunno but I somehow feel like it's much too easier for me to relate to my High School batch mates as compared to my college batchmates. The advantage of getting acquainted with your High School batchmates is that there is lesser competition as compared to your College mates. Sometimes, you tend to wonder why better opportunities came to your other college acquaintances given that you took the same course in the same school, etc. etc. Well maybe they just went with the better companies. I have yet to search for that company who will do the same for me. I know it is just around the corner...hehehehe. I must admit that I was not really the known person in class way back in college, as compared to when I was in High School.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Teambuilding in Subic

The week before, I joined my co-employees for a team-building sessions in subic bay freeport zone. It was fun coz it was really the first time that me and my officemates are sheltered in one roof for 4-days and 3-nights. It was fun, wacky, dramatic, and scary. I really like the staff house we lived at. It was cozy, comfortable, but haunted (?). The staff house is an remodeled ranking-officer's home way when subic was still owned by the US Navy, rumors has it that the house a block away from where we stayed was haunted by that ghost of an african-american man. Well, some of the officemates can attest that they experienced it, but not me. I liked the ambiance and environment in subic but truth be told, I wasn't thrilled by it anymore. It still has the same sights as compared to the last time i was there, with not much changes. Well, had been there a number of times years back. And the beach, well, it still is clean but itchy. I dunno what about the seawater there that is itchy. Maybe it's slowly getting polluted? Well a plus factor to subic will be the ocean adventure park. It has sealion shows, whale & dolphin shows, and an aquarium. It is surely a treat for kids but ticket prices are really expensive. But the good thing is that the park is well maintained and clean. Hope it'll still be the same the next time i go there.


Of all the terrible pain I have encountered in my entire life, this maybe considered as one of the worst. A throbbing and terrible pain that already affected half of my face. Haven't had a goodnight's rest for 2 successive nights, and I wasn't able to report for work for 1-1/2 days. And what's worst is that I have to go to a client site bearing this, it was really awful. A bad thing about toothaches is that your dentist won't take care of it if the pain is still present. So i had to combat the pain with a mixture of antibiotics and pain killers. I was given a week before return and hopefully the terrible pain has already subsided. I am on my fourth day of taking antibiotics and there is still 3-days to go. Have had hot flashes last night up to this morning. Have to take soft foods (liquid foods) since chewing was really a no-no in this situation. A good thing is that now, as I am writing this blog, the pain has already subsided in the absence of pain killers. I had stopped my intake of pain killers as i feel that i'll be reliant to this drug and my tolerance to pain will be minimal.