Tuesday, March 29, 2005

College and High School batch mates

Just recently i was invited to join a groupmail of my batchmates in MIT batch '93 Industrial Engineering class. I dunno but I somehow feel like it's much too easier for me to relate to my High School batch mates as compared to my college batchmates. The advantage of getting acquainted with your High School batchmates is that there is lesser competition as compared to your College mates. Sometimes, you tend to wonder why better opportunities came to your other college acquaintances given that you took the same course in the same school, etc. etc. Well maybe they just went with the better companies. I have yet to search for that company who will do the same for me. I know it is just around the corner...hehehehe. I must admit that I was not really the known person in class way back in college, as compared to when I was in High School.

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