Saturday, March 19, 2005


Of all the terrible pain I have encountered in my entire life, this maybe considered as one of the worst. A throbbing and terrible pain that already affected half of my face. Haven't had a goodnight's rest for 2 successive nights, and I wasn't able to report for work for 1-1/2 days. And what's worst is that I have to go to a client site bearing this, it was really awful. A bad thing about toothaches is that your dentist won't take care of it if the pain is still present. So i had to combat the pain with a mixture of antibiotics and pain killers. I was given a week before return and hopefully the terrible pain has already subsided. I am on my fourth day of taking antibiotics and there is still 3-days to go. Have had hot flashes last night up to this morning. Have to take soft foods (liquid foods) since chewing was really a no-no in this situation. A good thing is that now, as I am writing this blog, the pain has already subsided in the absence of pain killers. I had stopped my intake of pain killers as i feel that i'll be reliant to this drug and my tolerance to pain will be minimal.

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