Wednesday, February 27, 2013

logitech bluetooth keyboard

I am so happy with this quite-pricey purchase of mine back in SG~the bluetooth keyboard for the ipad2. I find this device quite handy especially for me who likes to utilize the ipad for other things than gaming.
It comes in very handy especially when composing emails and doing blog posts using the ipad. Connectivity and range of the bluetooth is very,very superior. Plus, this also doubles as a magnetic cover for the ipad when not in use. Got this device at around S$125 nett of discounts and GST.
This also doubles as a casing for the ipad when not in use, and portable and handy that you can bring it anywhere you'd like to carry your ipad.
I am pretty-sure that this will also work with other bluetooth-enabled devices like mobile phones and tablets. However, the casing and slot to hold only works for the ipad and hopefully, the iphone 5.
When I saw this device over an electronics shop in SG, I never had second-thoughts of purchasing this. Thanks to the mastercard, the purchase was made possible thru the ever-reliable plastic money.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Iphone 5

Since my mobile contract will end by March 9, I am planning on renewing my contract with my eyes set on the iphone 5. I am really an apple-product user with my ipod and ipad - I pretty much really liked my ipad, and now for a change, I am looking-forward to have the device thru Smart's LTE(?) data plan.

What really attracted me to this swanky device is the design - with the two-tone accent, the slim size and the retina display and 8 MP camera. One pitfall though of the iphone is the inability to support various movie and video-playback codecs which the android OS supports, however, in terms of the various applications available, I can say that iOS apps are the killer.

I also did like the 4D maps which is the integrated maps in the Iphone 5 app. However, getting this gadget has its corresponding price since it's really quite pricey. However, if you can afford then go for it. This is definitely a must have gadget. For me, iphone 5 tramples the competition and seals the deal.

nice cabbie around MM

the taxi driver we hailed in makati going home earlier was a nice catch. apart from being so nice without asking for extra payment before boarding, he engaged us to a conversation all-throughout our trip which is approximately 19 kms away from where he picked us up.
I never had a dull moment with that guy. And he is a driver where you could actually trust to be safe while aboard his cab. He even told us how much he loves his family and moreso his wife even if they're far away from each other (because his wife and son are in samar) while he works here in metro manila and just goes home every two months for a couple of weeks. That the basic foundation of a strong marriage is trust, and that he fears God even if he knows that temptation is just around the corner with his situation.
Kudos to these kind of drivers. We never hesitated to give this driver a generous tip upon alighting his cab. He even asks us if his direction is ok for us before actually going the route for a shortcut. How cool was that? I just wish though that I asked for his number. Until next time, nice cabbie!

Monday, February 25, 2013

singapore, singapore

it has been my fourth time going to singapore, and with each time I went the place never fails to amaze me. It is very clean, mass transport very efficient, comfortable and reliable (when I say reliable it's always on-time with no glitches whatsoever). To me the place is really a haven for shopping (if you have enough dough or you plastic money has the credit limit, then go for it). I really enjoyed the mass rail system they have which will bring you to a lot of places without any hassles. And singapore is also a safe place where you can stay up to 12 MN outdoors without the fear of getting mugged or harassed.
One thing that I do not like though is that it can be quite expensive for tourists with just enough budget. Though food is quite affordable with different flavors since the country is quite multi-cultural. I really liked the malaysian food since the taste is much more nearer to the filipino palate. My two favorites are the nasi gombak and nasi lemak.
Despite being a little expensive for me, I really liked singapore and I wish and hope that in the future, my beloved country will be like it. I do believe that discipline of the people is what really pushes singapore to its prominence in the South East Asian region.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

more, more, more

Right-now, I am re-living my like for 90's industrial-techno-scmitz rock courtesy of Orgy. I was actually looking for the 'Vapor Transmission' album over local record bars, but unfortunately, there's no more copy for me to have.
Thankfully for online purchases, I was able to buy an mp3 album of the same over the web. It was actually a record that I did not consider purchasing when it went out but lately i was able to have sample heard in itunes and I loved it.
It's like a throw-back to the alterno-grunge days of the 90's.
In all, this is a good industrial-rock album. If you're into the sound of distorted guitars, synth and drum-tracks this album is definitely for you.

Friday, February 08, 2013

The joys in the simple accomplishments

Have you ever experienced a sense of joy when you feel like you have accomplished something?
It doesn't necessarily have to be a 'big' or somewhat -of an added feather to the cap kind of accomplishment.

The good thing is, today, I did!

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Of kindle ebooks

I am not much of a book nerd but if I find time, I read books. I really like the sci-fi, suspense themed books. I have actually read Harry Potter, Southern Vampire Mysteries, and currently reading the Hunger games trilogy.

I actually read books from my 1 year old kindle I purchased from the US of A through Amazon.
This is a nice gadget since it is compact and can store as many books as it can through its internal memory.

The paperback quality of the ebooks displayed by the reader is actually not painful to the eyes.

What's more is that the kindle is quite cheap at around P2K if converted to Peso as compared to buying books say at P100/book if on-sale at National Book Store.

Download of ebooks is not a hassle. There are a lots of friends who have e copies of books you can copy, or downlaod some free in amazon as long as you register your kindle there.