Monday, February 25, 2013

singapore, singapore

it has been my fourth time going to singapore, and with each time I went the place never fails to amaze me. It is very clean, mass transport very efficient, comfortable and reliable (when I say reliable it's always on-time with no glitches whatsoever). To me the place is really a haven for shopping (if you have enough dough or you plastic money has the credit limit, then go for it). I really enjoyed the mass rail system they have which will bring you to a lot of places without any hassles. And singapore is also a safe place where you can stay up to 12 MN outdoors without the fear of getting mugged or harassed.
One thing that I do not like though is that it can be quite expensive for tourists with just enough budget. Though food is quite affordable with different flavors since the country is quite multi-cultural. I really liked the malaysian food since the taste is much more nearer to the filipino palate. My two favorites are the nasi gombak and nasi lemak.
Despite being a little expensive for me, I really liked singapore and I wish and hope that in the future, my beloved country will be like it. I do believe that discipline of the people is what really pushes singapore to its prominence in the South East Asian region.

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