Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Iphone 5

Since my mobile contract will end by March 9, I am planning on renewing my contract with my eyes set on the iphone 5. I am really an apple-product user with my ipod and ipad - I pretty much really liked my ipad, and now for a change, I am looking-forward to have the device thru Smart's LTE(?) data plan.

What really attracted me to this swanky device is the design - with the two-tone accent, the slim size and the retina display and 8 MP camera. One pitfall though of the iphone is the inability to support various movie and video-playback codecs which the android OS supports, however, in terms of the various applications available, I can say that iOS apps are the killer.

I also did like the 4D maps which is the integrated maps in the Iphone 5 app. However, getting this gadget has its corresponding price since it's really quite pricey. However, if you can afford then go for it. This is definitely a must have gadget. For me, iphone 5 tramples the competition and seals the deal.

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