Wednesday, February 27, 2013

logitech bluetooth keyboard

I am so happy with this quite-pricey purchase of mine back in SG~the bluetooth keyboard for the ipad2. I find this device quite handy especially for me who likes to utilize the ipad for other things than gaming.
It comes in very handy especially when composing emails and doing blog posts using the ipad. Connectivity and range of the bluetooth is very,very superior. Plus, this also doubles as a magnetic cover for the ipad when not in use. Got this device at around S$125 nett of discounts and GST.
This also doubles as a casing for the ipad when not in use, and portable and handy that you can bring it anywhere you'd like to carry your ipad.
I am pretty-sure that this will also work with other bluetooth-enabled devices like mobile phones and tablets. However, the casing and slot to hold only works for the ipad and hopefully, the iphone 5.
When I saw this device over an electronics shop in SG, I never had second-thoughts of purchasing this. Thanks to the mastercard, the purchase was made possible thru the ever-reliable plastic money.

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