Tuesday, February 26, 2013

nice cabbie around MM

the taxi driver we hailed in makati going home earlier was a nice catch. apart from being so nice without asking for extra payment before boarding, he engaged us to a conversation all-throughout our trip which is approximately 19 kms away from where he picked us up.
I never had a dull moment with that guy. And he is a driver where you could actually trust to be safe while aboard his cab. He even told us how much he loves his family and moreso his wife even if they're far away from each other (because his wife and son are in samar) while he works here in metro manila and just goes home every two months for a couple of weeks. That the basic foundation of a strong marriage is trust, and that he fears God even if he knows that temptation is just around the corner with his situation.
Kudos to these kind of drivers. We never hesitated to give this driver a generous tip upon alighting his cab. He even asks us if his direction is ok for us before actually going the route for a shortcut. How cool was that? I just wish though that I asked for his number. Until next time, nice cabbie!

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