Monday, March 30, 2015

Grab a Taxi vs. Easy Taxi

...and the winner is... Grab a Taxi.

I am not really much of a taxi-person. But when circumstances arise that I need to hail one, I prefer to use the free apps from my phone: Grab a Taxi and Easy Taxi.

To be fair, I have used Grab a taxi much more than Easy taxi. Have used grab a taxi in Kuala Lumpur and it also has its peak periods where getting a taxi really takes time. Maybe it was the location of pick-up that makes it harder there. But here in Manila, I have no problems using the Grab a Taxi taxi app. Well, there are glitches during peak hours but nevertheless, you are assured that you will get one. But again, it's in your luck if you get one quickly. And what's important is that you can give a feedback if ever you got a cabbie that irked you (example: confirmed to pick you up but never arrived).

I prefer to use these apps because I feel much safer to use them than hailing one that passes-by the streets. There are lots of modus operandis that pry on anyone but thet prefer to get single (one-only) passengers and prefer to pick-up females as victims or robbery (or) much worse, rape and robbery and murder - as you can see in current news.

I got quite disappointed with Easy Taxi because it is hard to get a cab from them, and comparatively easier to get one from Grab a Taxi. I wouldn't mind paying P70 on top of the meter fare as long as they will safely take me to my destination. I give my fullest vote to Grab-a-taxi because they never disappointed me.

This is one of the good uses, and advantage of having a pocket wifi with you.

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