Monday, March 30, 2015

S & R

This is the modern day makro except that it has more PX / imported goods, and besides, Makro has already gone it's heyday.

What I like about S&R is that there are imported brands that are not really present in the common groceries and supermarkets. As what a relative said, "para ka na ding nasa US". It's set-up is more of a warehouse club type and comparatively Bigger. That said, price wise, I really don't think it's cheap there. But when they go on Sale, that's when prices go low and buy-one, free one starts.

Another thing that really is good in S&R is the Food and Beverages section. The pizza is really that worth to queue for, as well as the burgers and calzones. But during weekends, it tends to have a long queue around 30 minutes or more in order for the food to be served.

S & R is really not pang-masa. But I think right now they are open for everyone regardless of the social statii, as long as they pay the Gold membership card.

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