Sunday, March 01, 2015

Ikea - the one-stop shop for home concepts and designs

Everytime we go out for trips, we make it a point to visit ikea if ever it is present in that town or country we are heading to. The first time I visited Ikea was due to my numerous trips to Singapore in 2013. And I have to thank a colleague for introducing me to the branch in Tampines.

I absolutely loved Ikea because there are so many stuff you can find for home: furnitures, fixtures, accessories, utensils, etc. And what makes it unique is that the designs are simple yet modern, and definitely patented as coming from Ikea. I brought some kiddie stuff for my kid here in ikea. From party plates, cups, bowl, fleece blankets, bed sheets, etc. If I have the luxury to buy big ang bulky stuff to ship back home, I would defintitely have done that, especially the furnitures.

What I loved about ikea is that it's huge. It has two-levels of warehouse-type shop, and that the items are arranged per type. First area is the modular display of how they design small-sized spaces (condominiums) of course with the furnitures and fixtures used are theirs. Then there is the also kid's area that have toys (wooden), stuffed, kiddie rooms showcase,  kid's play area. They also have an area for the kitchen which have a huge selection of cooking utensils, dining stuff. The bedroom area (bed linens). Living room (arrangements) sofa wall-clock they even have stuff like batteries, and the last one has to be the ornaments and lighting fixtures. Lest I forget also the toilet and bath. What's wonderful is that they have tons of sale items and when I mean sale, it's really Sale. Where can you find a nice design wall clock that goes on sale for P30/piece (if converted to Local currency)? I bought one in 2013 and up to now, it still works perfectly fine.
My son enjoying his time in the kid's play area. Ikea-SG

Some stuff I bought in Ikea - Damansara

And what makes ikea spectacular in its sense is that after all the shopping and after paying for the stuff bought, there's a dining area that serves local delicacies and the "to-die-for" meatballs (i forgot already what it's called), the chicken wings (another one "to-die-for"), they also have pasta, bread and pastries and coffee which are affordable.

Trekking ikea you should allot yourself half-day and would recommend one-day if you are a newbie. Simply take it that one day is not enough to do everything in ikea, whether you are there to shop, window-shop or hang-around in the cafeteria.

I have gone to Ikea in Singapore and Malaysia and I've heard that majority of asian countries have one, when will Ikea plan to set-up one here in the Philippines? NCR to be exact? Many will hope that this should be anytime soon...

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