Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Painful experience of letting-go and moving-on...

Yesterday evening was one of the biggest blows in my life. My girlfriend for almost five years and I called it quits. But it was rather an unforgettable experience, quite having me to pass-on sleeping last night. She broke up with me through text. At first, I was shocked because we were together at church a couple of hours earlier. With me having to pass staying afterwards at their place because I have an important function to attend later that night. She texted me a couple of hours later as I was in the middle of being merry during the event, It goes like, "she loves me very much but she couldn't deal with the hurt I am giving her by not reciprocating my love to her. She has no expectations whatsoever, given the fact that she can't push me to do that and she learned to accept me for who I am, but there are things that she wants that I cannot provide and that we can not be happy moving forward since we obviously have a problem". I was distraught. I did not know what exactly to feel...continuing with her text message that "It was not a fault on your side". At first, I did not get the message so I texted back, "What exactly are you implying?" "Shall we have time to talk and not SMS?" , then she replied, "I am breaking-up with you" I think this is the right and only thing to do", "I don't wan't to see you or talk to you anymore." She never replied again after a couple of text messages I sent her. I was distraught that I hurt her. Simple matter to me was already the universe to her. I cannot blame her. She may be right. And so right now, I continue to be saddened, to grieve about us. I know for a fact that we can no longer be together again, or so I thought. She never asked for space, she broke-up with me.

Exactly up to this moment I haven't had sleep yet thinking, " is this worth the fight or should I let go? and move on" God bless us both...

Monday, November 21, 2005

Concrete Termites

I used to believe that termites only pass through wooden materials. Why the hell did those pesky creatures pass through a crack on the concrete wall of my bedroom going to my cabinet? Are these already genetically-altered termites? They already crawled towards my wooden cabinet through a small crack on my wall. They already infested the base of my bedroom door, but had them exterminated before they do more damage. And now, I have to be the exterminator part deux to give those termites the doom at my cabinet.

Lately, I have been digging the music of the black-eyed peas, fantasia barrino, and santana. The albums of which I already have. I must admit that those music especially of the first two, I haven't been listening to those type of music (read: Hip-hop/R&B) when I was a self-professed grunge-kid during the early 90's (late high-school to early college era). I like the black-eyed peas for some booty-shaking and good vibes great for dancing, I like fantasia for her weird voice which others find annoying when she screams but very unique during the subtle mode, Santana for his genuine collaborations from artists with different background in music.

Constantine Maroulis live @ GB 3, November 17

Being an avid follower of this hit reality karaoke competition (yep, you have it right "Karaoke" competition), American Idol. I went to see a free mini concert sponsored by Ayala malls which is that of one of the finalists of Season 4, Constantine Maroulis. I was surprised that the GB all levels from the ground floor, up to the third level were packed. Both fans of Constantine and plain spectators like myself were present. The venue was packed with girls screaming, Constantiine! Constantine! Constantine!!...And so the concert began. Honestly speaking, I don't find anything spectacular about this guy. His voice is average, we could even have local male singers match up with him and do better than him. He doesn't even sound like a rock star at all. His stage presence is zero but judging from the girls' screams, this guy's charisma must be what catapulted him to be included in the Top 12 of the reality TV series. I must commend the local band backing him up because they played exactly matching those songs sung by Constantine. He performed songs that he performed at American Idol. I don't know what his "hatak" factor is but give him another 2 years, and let's look at where he is..

And speaking of Greenbelt 3, I would like to commend them for their christmas decorations. Same goes also with what glorietta has, with giant and unique hanging parols matched with a thousand lights. It was an amazing sight and it put me at awe.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Cold Season starts the Christmas feel

Suddenly, the day's gone cold and windy... signaling the nearing of Christmas. Add to that the sprouting of christmas decors, lights and the very original "parol" hanging around the streets and windows. Truly it is, the start of the Christmas feel. Massive early christmas sales going around each and every mall, christmas carols being played, malls massively decorated. Yes, the Philippines indeed has already adopted the western culture, more particularly the commercialism of Christmas.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire @ SM cinema, and Greewich's Sisig Pizza

I watched HP4: The Goblet of Fire last night together with my beloved companion, my girlfriend. Dang it's really hard to get movie tickets to this one. In glorietta, you have to pay extra than the already expensive tickets just to be able to see this one. Luckily, we have a SM mall near our place that I really never had the hassle of getting tickets to or to pay extra just to have one reserved. After so much anticipation and having read the book sometime ago, what can I say with the movie? I was not impressed. I was rather misled during the entirety of the movie, with too much phasing. Much of the phase doesn't even tell much the next phase. It's like taking specific scenes from chapters and getting scenes from it that doesn't connect well with the next. But I commend the visual effects althrough-out the movie. And the characters already in their adolescence, all grown-ups. Good thing that the ending was really what was told in the book, and the triwizard tournament. The best to me still is the HP2 movie.

Going back to SM cinema, why does it smell bad at the uppermost row at the balcony area? I wasn't really expecting it to smell bad in there but it left us with no choice but to take the seats since the moviehouse was a full-house. The smell resembled 3 pairs of sweaty socks or even more. It was awfully bad, and the airconditioning doesn't even reach that area. So, my advice is not to take those seats at the balcony even when it's a full moviehouse.

Prior to going to the moviehouse, me and my gf went to dine at Greenwich. Out of my curiosity for their newly-advertised pizza product, which is the Sisig pizza I ordered a solo size of the product. What can I say of the product? I'd suggest greenwich to stop selling those. It tastes awful. Pizza and Sisig can't really blend-well. It tastes like sisig, with crushed chicharon spread over with the calamansi tasting, add the taste of the cheese and tomato sauce with the crust. It's awful. Whoever did taste test of the product before marketing it, must have a really bad taste. He/she should be fired...I wonder what's next for greenwich? dinuguan pizza? tokwa't baboy pizza? Please we can't filipinize the pizza bcoz it's really an italian cusisine. Leave the pizza as is. Filipino dishes tastes good as it is too.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

One lucky day, and again...powerbooks

Today was such an unlucky day for me, the reason being I bruised (dented) the office car. In as much as I would like to forget it today...I simply can't. Well, anyway, the damage is done and the onl solution is to have it repaired. Oh well, such is life. As what they say, "charge it to experience".

I happen to drop-by powerbooks again after office, this time together with my girlfriend. We scouted for a good locally-authored books. I really am not a bookworm or somebody who'll spend just to buy a good book. I don't even know what to buy, until this book by Bob Ong caught my eye. The book is entitled, "Bakit baligtad magbasa ng libro ang mga Pilipino?". I assume this is more a comedy and satirical type of local book. I have yet to read it and will post a blog review as soon as I start reading it.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Suddenly, dropping-by at powerbooks

Payday with some extra cash to spend, I dropped-by Powerbooks in Greenbelt hoping to find a good read. Unfortunately, after spending about thirty minutes in the place before closing time, I wasn't able to buy anything. I was a sucker for mags but I was also searching for a good local books worth the money to spend. Then suddenly, upon browsing and gazing upon the piles of books around powerbooks it came to my mind about writing something that could be published. Like a book. I know for a fact that I really am not a perfect and gramatically-correct type of writer, but there is something within me that says I can do it.

In dire search of an inspiration to write something about....

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Has it ever occured to you?

Has it ever occured to you when you are uncertain where your career will take you? I am at a point right now contemplating either changing careers, or if I am truly for employment or contemplating if I am for business (though I really don't have the capital to initiate my own business). Sometimes, it occurs in my mind to take up an advanced course in order for me to polish my career. In the first place, I wasn't really able to practice my profession..Oh well, I wish fate will lead me to the right path.