Sunday, November 20, 2005

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire @ SM cinema, and Greewich's Sisig Pizza

I watched HP4: The Goblet of Fire last night together with my beloved companion, my girlfriend. Dang it's really hard to get movie tickets to this one. In glorietta, you have to pay extra than the already expensive tickets just to be able to see this one. Luckily, we have a SM mall near our place that I really never had the hassle of getting tickets to or to pay extra just to have one reserved. After so much anticipation and having read the book sometime ago, what can I say with the movie? I was not impressed. I was rather misled during the entirety of the movie, with too much phasing. Much of the phase doesn't even tell much the next phase. It's like taking specific scenes from chapters and getting scenes from it that doesn't connect well with the next. But I commend the visual effects althrough-out the movie. And the characters already in their adolescence, all grown-ups. Good thing that the ending was really what was told in the book, and the triwizard tournament. The best to me still is the HP2 movie.

Going back to SM cinema, why does it smell bad at the uppermost row at the balcony area? I wasn't really expecting it to smell bad in there but it left us with no choice but to take the seats since the moviehouse was a full-house. The smell resembled 3 pairs of sweaty socks or even more. It was awfully bad, and the airconditioning doesn't even reach that area. So, my advice is not to take those seats at the balcony even when it's a full moviehouse.

Prior to going to the moviehouse, me and my gf went to dine at Greenwich. Out of my curiosity for their newly-advertised pizza product, which is the Sisig pizza I ordered a solo size of the product. What can I say of the product? I'd suggest greenwich to stop selling those. It tastes awful. Pizza and Sisig can't really blend-well. It tastes like sisig, with crushed chicharon spread over with the calamansi tasting, add the taste of the cheese and tomato sauce with the crust. It's awful. Whoever did taste test of the product before marketing it, must have a really bad taste. He/she should be fired...I wonder what's next for greenwich? dinuguan pizza? tokwa't baboy pizza? Please we can't filipinize the pizza bcoz it's really an italian cusisine. Leave the pizza as is. Filipino dishes tastes good as it is too.

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