Monday, November 21, 2005

Concrete Termites

I used to believe that termites only pass through wooden materials. Why the hell did those pesky creatures pass through a crack on the concrete wall of my bedroom going to my cabinet? Are these already genetically-altered termites? They already crawled towards my wooden cabinet through a small crack on my wall. They already infested the base of my bedroom door, but had them exterminated before they do more damage. And now, I have to be the exterminator part deux to give those termites the doom at my cabinet.

Lately, I have been digging the music of the black-eyed peas, fantasia barrino, and santana. The albums of which I already have. I must admit that those music especially of the first two, I haven't been listening to those type of music (read: Hip-hop/R&B) when I was a self-professed grunge-kid during the early 90's (late high-school to early college era). I like the black-eyed peas for some booty-shaking and good vibes great for dancing, I like fantasia for her weird voice which others find annoying when she screams but very unique during the subtle mode, Santana for his genuine collaborations from artists with different background in music.

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