Monday, November 21, 2005

Constantine Maroulis live @ GB 3, November 17

Being an avid follower of this hit reality karaoke competition (yep, you have it right "Karaoke" competition), American Idol. I went to see a free mini concert sponsored by Ayala malls which is that of one of the finalists of Season 4, Constantine Maroulis. I was surprised that the GB all levels from the ground floor, up to the third level were packed. Both fans of Constantine and plain spectators like myself were present. The venue was packed with girls screaming, Constantiine! Constantine! Constantine!!...And so the concert began. Honestly speaking, I don't find anything spectacular about this guy. His voice is average, we could even have local male singers match up with him and do better than him. He doesn't even sound like a rock star at all. His stage presence is zero but judging from the girls' screams, this guy's charisma must be what catapulted him to be included in the Top 12 of the reality TV series. I must commend the local band backing him up because they played exactly matching those songs sung by Constantine. He performed songs that he performed at American Idol. I don't know what his "hatak" factor is but give him another 2 years, and let's look at where he is..

And speaking of Greenbelt 3, I would like to commend them for their christmas decorations. Same goes also with what glorietta has, with giant and unique hanging parols matched with a thousand lights. It was an amazing sight and it put me at awe.

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