Sunday, February 03, 2013

Of kindle ebooks

I am not much of a book nerd but if I find time, I read books. I really like the sci-fi, suspense themed books. I have actually read Harry Potter, Southern Vampire Mysteries, and currently reading the Hunger games trilogy.

I actually read books from my 1 year old kindle I purchased from the US of A through Amazon.
This is a nice gadget since it is compact and can store as many books as it can through its internal memory.

The paperback quality of the ebooks displayed by the reader is actually not painful to the eyes.

What's more is that the kindle is quite cheap at around P2K if converted to Peso as compared to buying books say at P100/book if on-sale at National Book Store.

Download of ebooks is not a hassle. There are a lots of friends who have e copies of books you can copy, or downlaod some free in amazon as long as you register your kindle there.

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