Monday, October 31, 2005

Of birthday parties, "no shows", flowing booze, and the eternal "videoke"

Yesterday I celebrated my 2nth birthday. I held a celebration at our home. The last time I did this was three years ago. The usual presence(s) that I have with this sort of gathering are "no shows", "booze" and "videoke". Let me first go to the first one: the "no shows"...just who exactly are they? Ever experienced inviting friends or acquaintances to a celebration, having confirmed their attendance but come the event are the ones not present. I just wished that these people would just turn down an invitation on-the-spot rather than confirm and when the event comes will make endless excuses of their non-appearance. I just don't find this attitude right and I think people like this are nothing but disgusting. Despite endless excuses, the underlying reason is still laziness. Well anyway, I was sort of happy because despite "no shows" there are still people who attended my celebration. Rest-assured that I'll treasure these people and I'll return the favor to them. "No shows" are already a part of the filipino culture and I dread the day when we'll already learn to observe etiquettes during invitations for whatever parties/celebrations.

The second is the "booze". Since this is not a children's party (though some of your guests are still children at heart), ever flowing booze is a must in any adult birthday celebration. I had light beers and a jack daniel's with bailey's to chill in the house. This is the only celebration that I had where my tolerance to alcohol went above the bar. In as much as I want to control my intake of alcohol, it left me with no choice but just to gulp and drink. Since I only had a few guests who drink, and booze are a-flow. By the way, I also had bottomless iced-tea for my guests who don't drink.

The third is the ever-popular "videoke". I must admit that I am a videoke fan but I am not the addicted type. Our neighborhood has tons of daily, nightly sessions with a videoke. Blame it on "singing contest ala reality shows" for the videoke. Funny belting, out-of-tune, provincial accents, name it the videoke doesn't choose any target audience. You'll be in the ice age if this is not present in your birthday bash. The videoke is one-solid entertainment packed. Who would not want to hear a colleague belt out a song and turn out out of tune? Or be surprised at a colleague who has the pipes but needs to warm-up with booze to boost the confidence and grab the mic to sing?

Well, all-in-all I had a blast celebrating my birthday. I may have only a few guests but I enjoyed the day.

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