Wednesday, October 05, 2005

In memoriam of our beloved "Zorro"

Yesterday was one of the saddest events of my life. The reason being the untimely death of my beloved pet dog. This dog has been with us for the last three years. He has been like an addition to the family, like almost a child pampered and giving us the bundle of joy, most especially to my parents to whom he must have spent most of my lifetime. "Zorro" died an untimely and tragic death, almost leaving us completely shocked and saddened. He was a victim of hit and run, during a normal day when he is being strolled around routinely every morning to relieve himself, towed by my father. With yesterday being different as his lifeless body is cradled by my dad on the way home. I could still see him struggling with his remaining breath as he was laid down on the floor. My mom cried deeply saddened to see that his youngest lying lifelessly. My father was shocked as if he wants to cry but he cannot. My heart broke. I wrapped him in the towel that we used to dry him with together with the towel my mom used in order to have him completely wrapped. He was buried in my aunt’s house’s vacant lot; it was from my aunt’s place that this creature that we’ll use to love was born.

Gone are the days when this playful dog would play catch ball when you throw it and he'll fetch and bring it back to you, gone are the days also when he would sit in front of the refrigerator as if telling you he wants cold water, gone are the days when I watch TV in the living room and he'll sit beside me with his hand scratching me to signal that he wants to have his chin and throat area scratched by my hand, gone are the days when he'll jump by the bed and lay beside you as if he wants to show how grateful and thankful he is to his "older brother", Gone are the days when every Sunday morning I’ll give him a bath, usually anytime between the hours of 11:00 am – 12:00 pm. Yes! these are just some of the things he does and he does it effortlessly in order to please us, not as masters but as part of the family. And yes, yesterday was very different because the usual sight we see is no longer with us. And we are deeply saddened and mourning over his sudden and untimely demise.

We miss you Zorro! You will never be replaced. I know right now you are already in heaven. I know you have a soul. Thanks very much for keeping us happy for the past three years, and may God bless and keep you...

In memoriam of our beloved "Zorro"...

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