Sunday, February 06, 2005

Saturday's supposed to be a day of rest(?)

Rather than spending the entire saturday resting & relaxing, I had mine spent cleaning my room and taking care of the dsl connection at home (read: my first encountered problem with my newly activated dsl service at home). I didn't even had the chance to touch the remote to watch good cable tv.

First task: clean my room.
It has been ages since I last did this task. I usually do this routine once-in-a-month, but the last time I had a major cleaning was since November (or was it December) of last year?. Cleaning my room is tantamount to me having allergic rhinitis attacks. I am allergic to crumpled dusts and I hate it. It makes me itchy and later on suffer from colds, itchy throat, watery eyes. I hate it when I have allergic rhinitis, I feel like my body resistance to diseases weakens everytime I have it. Good thing today that I didn't have an allergic rhinitis attack, was it because there were fewer dirt & dust in my room?

Second task: clean the room blinds.
I only have two panels(?) of blinds covering my window. Man, it's so very hard to clean. It took a ***t load of my time, more than what I spent to apply liquid wax on my floor. I've had it cleaned in about the same time as last year when we have an aunt & uncle came to visit us from the States, and I have to offer my room for them to stay in. To make it like super clean-I had to spray it with H2O & soap and let it hang outside to dry. I already had it installed and it's like it's sparkling clean and new...I wonder how long it will take for the blinds to look ****ty again.

Third task: take care of my dsl cabling.
I had to purchase a long phone line cable about 14 meters long in order for me connect my modem to the phone terminal box. Add the fact that I had to fasten the cable to the wall & cieling going to my room (to the PC). By the way, I did this in almost 3 hours time and shall I say that I was pleased with the results. Now I don't need to have the cable lying on the floor everytime I connect to the internet, until somebody trips on it and have my modem fall to the ground and break again. Due to this, I was able to take a a bath at 11:30 pm and had my dinner at 12:00 mn.

Milestones for today:
- I taught my mom to use free email
- I successfully installed "eMule" as my file sharing application (P2P)-but unfortunately, most of the downloads I had requires me to either have a codec, or requires me to purchase a license.
- I just found out about skype-I still have to test if it really works as a VoIP program (a la softphone).

Just thoughts:
" why does lindsay lohan look like frankie muniz?"<-- are they identical twins?
booze of the day: smirnoff mule, vodka cruiser
booze if not enough dough: san miguel light
booze if no dough & desperate enough: ginebra san miguel (bilog ang mundo)
bozee if totally no dough: namputsa naman...wag na uminom kasi...itulog na lang yan!

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