Saturday, March 30, 2013

I need a mobile phone replacement

I need to have an idea of what I need to have as a replacement for my two year old huawei phone. Since the phone I am using right now is a little obsolete already, It all boils down to the following choices (excluding iphone 5, of course). Since I am looking into android jelly bean, here are my top choices:

  1. Cherry Mobile Omega HD - budget-wise this fits but am having reservations with the quality since Cherry Mobile is just a re-brand of a chinese mobile brand. But what isn't made in China anymore?
  2. Cherry Mobile Flame 2.0 - budget-wise also fits and this also is already a quad-core device. Slightly lower in price as compared to the one above, this is also a new line of android phone from cherry mobile.
  3. Nexus 4 - (only when it's available via installment) Reviews have been great for this device. However the price is what makes it quite unrealistic for me. This phone sets the bar high.
  4. HTC Butterfly - the most expensive of the four, I might say. But this is being offered in installment basis, so I am considering it jus because of that factor.
  5. My Phone A919 - relatively cheaper but runs on ICS and RAM is just 512 MB, so might as well take this one off from the list. But for budget considerations and screen-size, I might just give this one a consideration.
I guess these are my top choices, let's see in the coming days/weeks which of those I listed will be the replacement.

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