Tuesday, August 14, 2007

It has been a long time after my last blog!

Blogging has been a trend much lately. This has been a trend with celebrities of any form right now. Unluckily for me, I haven't had posted here for years; and I do seem the urge to start blogging again - as a form for me to update journals, which I hope to try to keep up to date. And I am not a Celebrity of any form as what I mentioned to start this blog entry.

Past two years - with past jobs, same mobile phone but with a different SIM (already using a 3G SIM even if my phone is still 2G - hopefully switching to 3G soon!), an iPOD video later; and Nothing's much changed. I still keep the same profession, still with my GF, still stressed (most of the times) but already trying to maintain a much more positive outlook in life.

I think this is all for NOW. I'll try to keep this blog as fresh, updated and current with just about anything that might be of Interest, I just hope I wouldn't bore as what I claim my personality is-a Bore!

Whatever Perez Hilton has transformed Blogging into a revenue generating form for him.

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