Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Thank God for Itunes. It is no hassle to organize the iPOD. One of the features that really sets the iPOD apart from the rest of MP/Video players is the iTunes. Eventhough my PC has been slowing down due to numerous files that eats up the primary drive.

I just have to constantly remiond myself to back-up the large files (MP3s and Video) but really haven't found the time to do this yet even during the weekends. I usually have thi laziness occuring within me to backup files since I have a hard time even imagining of having the PC finish disk copying the Gigabytes of files.

Problem # 2 has got to do with my PC shutting down by itself. Suspect is the power supply as always. I have to admit that this PC i already heavy-loaded with tons of apparatus.

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