Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A new year, A new blog

This has been the first time for me to blog again eversince time immemorial. Let me start first be greeting everyone a Happy New Year for 2008!- and I hope I am not too late to send out my greeting. Better late than never! right? I just hope everyone started the year right, so that everything that'll happen for this year will be on-track. At the startof the year, I promised myself never to be late ever! But up to now, I have yet to fulfill that promise. I don't know what instigated this habit of mine-but I really have a tendency to be Late. I habited myself with being Late at work (not unlessit is required or necessary for me to report for work early), going to church (for which my wifey always gives me a frownwhen we meet for church). There are some things that I do not know why my Lateness became a habit, and I am reallydreading to change it...for Good!
One of my problems really, apart from being Late, is not being able to manage my Time efficiently. There are mostlytimes when I just do tasks that I feel like doing ala 'spur of the moment'. I try to list down activities for me in the 'To dotasks' entry in my planners (yes, I do have two planner(s) - one for work, one for personal and business purposes). I startedusing planners so that I can jot down activities for the day coz I have a tendency also to forget things. As we grow old, we grow wiser-and also 'forgetful'.
I also would like to change my attitude of being slightly obsessive-compulsive (OC). I have this attitude that makes me stick to a task longer because I have this habit of making sure that everything about that task is spot-on-clean, hassle-free,and mess-free. One example I might cite is the time it takes for me to clean my room. I don't have a big room, but itusually takes me hours and ages to clean it up because I want everything In order and spot-on clean. I meanthere's nothing wrong with being clean, but I would have done a lot more than sticking to cleaning my room. This is usuallywhen I feel like not enjoying my weekends much-there are a lot of household tasks to do.
I would also like to change my attitude of being a 'big spender'. I have this habit of buying things-mostly gadgets, thatis really not important but I splurge-on. My wifey is my biggest advisor- not to spend on things that are not importantand needed. This is one of the things I like most about her and am thankful for.
Be more friendly and flexible with others. I must admit it! I am really not a people-person. I rather choose my friends thanbeing friends with everybody. I am really not sure about why I am like this, maybe I am a bit shy about engaging inconversation with others. This is one of the reasons why up to now I am still adjusting to new environments. There are times when I fell OPd (out-of-placed) but it doesn't really bother me at all. I just wish that other people willnot misundestand me as being a snob, un-friendly, loner, when in fact, I am just not really good at initiating conversationwith others. I choose who I talk to. I don't talk to anybody.
Well, these are really my attitude-tuning to do in 2008. I am happy, at least I was able to jot them down thru this blog.

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