Saturday, September 29, 2012

To be a dad...

This is my grand return to blogging after a long hiatus. A lot has changed in my life since my last blog: getting married, starting a family, and having a kid. Having a kid is fun but very tiresome, at the same time costly - but the joy of starting a family outweighs them all. The sleepless nights, the costly milk formula, the diapers, the cost of pediatricians, etc.etc. But really, no amount can match when you see your baby smile, wants you to cradle him, play with him. These are priceless.

When me and my wife had our first and cute baby boy, we had to forego a lot of activities when we were still in our bf/gf stage and during our first years of marriage. Friday nights can never be 'fly-day' nights to dine or watch a movie anymore. As soon as you leave the office bundy, it's always go home to the baby. But it's also true that upon seeing your baby after work, your tired-ness will be gone. It's always that magic. The blessing of having your kid.

I still remember when toby was birthed by my wife, prior to us going to the hospital to deliver him, we saw a shooting star in the midnight sky. Toby never really made his mom endure so much during birth. I still remember that saturday afternoon of oct.22 when I carried him - from the delivery room, and upon hearing my voice, he's listening to it. And you can see it that he knows the voice he hears when he's still in his mom's womb. It's that feeling that God knows very well, that's got to be priceless. I truly thank God for blessing me with my own family: my wife and our precious bundle of joy.

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