Saturday, October 13, 2012

and the battle of the tiangges, begins

Divisoria vs. Greenhills

Between the two, I pretty much favor Divisoria because it is much nearer to our place. However, selection for men in divisoria is quite few. That's why if I want to buy long sleeved polos, I'd pretty much prefer Greenhills.

For women/ladies/girls, Divisoria is the shopping haven. Prices are really cheap and of good quality - if you know how to check for quality in the first place. However, during this time, it's already beginning to get crowded because of early christmas shoppers. It's better to go there during the weekdays during the morning.

For divisoria, a thousand bucks is already a stretch. You may already have a handful of goodies with that amount of money.

There's also a new some kind of high-end mall near 168. The Lucky Chinatown. It's still new. It kinda reminds me of the Bugis junction mall in singapore. It is just a few walks away from the 168 mall. Go to the place just for food or malling, but shopping-wise, divisoria is still the destination.

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