Saturday, February 21, 2015

Gastronoms: Vikings eat-all-you-can buffet

This is the second time that I ate at Vikings and sadly, I did not really enjoy the experience. The first time was the best since I had no expectations whatsoever with this resto. To me, P1,000++ is already way too much to spend on single dining. Call me frugal but I just feel like it's way too much.

Vikings in MOA by the bay

Anyway, the first time I entered the resto in By the Bay (MOA), I had to admit, I was excited back then. This was during the delayed our celebration of my dad's birthday (because during that time, I was jet-setting) - pardon the social climber peg-ging. :) The first impression upon entry was the ambiance. It was clean, the lighting sets the mood for dinner, the backdrop by the window is Manila Bay which sets-up an exciting, albeit romantic view of the Manila Bay sunset. And sits perfectly as the backdrop for an eat-all-you-can set-up. Going back, there's a huge selection of foods that line up the buffet selection within the area. Name your pick: from chinese dimsums, japanese sushis, korean BBQ, pinoy por lechon, italian pasta, roast-somethings ang a huge-selection of sweets and pastries. Add also the huge line-ups of drinks, sodas, beer and coffee. People of all ages will truly enjoy the foods in Vikings. The first-time I did truly enjoy since as the old-saying goes, "mahal kaya lubusin kasehodang lumobo ang tiyan".

with the family (mom, aunt, me & wifey)

The second-time, which is just this past Chinese New Year and also as a send-off for my uncle and aunt, I did not enjoy it much. Maybe because if your body is getting used to the routines of not eating much and in rationed proportions, seeing an eat-all-you can buffet is no longer THAT appetizing. Not even if very tempting...Am I already a disciplined eater because of my diet?

Going back, as what I had mentioned earlier, Manila Bay Sunset backdrop is amazing sight to behold. I still remember when wife and I had our prenup shots taken in the exact same spot where this pic was taken.

Manila Bay Sunset as backdrop

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